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RE: Today the week 124 of the damn thirsty #BeerSaturday challenge starts 🍺Do you join with a post?

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Sadly, There is no more beer contain alcohol in my region. The local government banned convenient store alcohol selling. I used to drink Guinness beer once a month for healthcare. Now, only non-alcohol beer available in my region. 😊 !BEER


where do you live??

sounds different, but interesting

Indonesia 😊

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I've been to many islands and had a lot of beer.

So you must stay at a secret part of lovely Indonesia

Ha..ha..! It is true 😁😁. I live in Surabaya, and there is a local regulation that mini market can not sell beer containing alcohol, only zero alcohol beer available.

If we want to buy beers containing alcohol, only available on night club and free duty store. 😊

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That's terrible. Strange law for me...

For the first time. It is also strange to me but the reason for that regulation because many drunkards did criminal conduct.

That’s crazy