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RE: Today we start week 128 of #BeerSaturday

in #beersaturday2 years ago

@detlev, hi! I featured your post in the training video about Domain Expertise on Waivio!

I hope you won't object. ;-)

Anyways, now everybody can see your domain expertise and in fact learn, that you are not the #1 for the hashtag #beer!

Now I can have some beer! 🍺🍺🍺

Thx for the SPS upvote! Much appreciated!


Feel free to use me as an example and as I just wrote in my comment to your post - I there any learning for me. Or with other words, what can other user get out of this beneath seeing who has a good domain expertise?

Thx for the permission! Regarding the question: I posted the answer in the other thread.

Found it and sending you a bit of !BEER to celebrate the weekend

Hey @grampo, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!