146 weeks of Thirst'n'Fun and more Winners of the #BeerSaturday

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Yes, yes we have more cool'n'beery WINNERS 🍺

Here we go with the winners for week 146 - the thrid #BeerSaturday on #HIVE - of the damn thirsty #BeerSaturday challenge

Please spend a Re-HIVE to promote the challenge to all Hivians!

Everybody who join our weekly challenge is a winner as this means fun and a worldwide community of friends and beer lovers.

Keep in mind next week 148
we have 12 HIVE and
14 BEER and
some valuable VOTES from @ocd
in the prize pool!


Every Tuesday
you may join this challenge
with YOUR cool post about beer.

but check our simple rules if you want to win and feel free to support the challenge

Made by @detlev while waiting for a flight at the Airport SXF in Berlin

8 posts from active Hivians this week

As you see as comments to the weekly #BeerSaturday post we had again some interesting stories about the beloved topic of beer

The Hivians @cryptictruth @cryptictruth @harveyword @muelli @lordvdr @sagesigma @handofzara @johnspalding @seckorama did some good jobs with their beer posts.



The winners of the prizes are this week. This was to easy - let's have some more people join the fun challenge.

We are happy to announce that the total prize pool has changed to a total of 12 HIVE for 3 prizes




Write a damn good post, add tons of pictures, show us your love into BEER and you may get a nice extra vote from @ocd for your work and the time you invested.

  • 1st. winner - @muelli

  • 2nd. winner - @

You might get a vote from ocd to another post as the 7 days window is gone

All prizes drawn by our Jury
Celebrate and party and make sure you take a few pictures of the beer you have to use this for next week - as there is alway a new week and a new #BeerSaturday

(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday

Support the challenge

Do you like what we do and you like to see higher the payouts for all the steeminans. Than we made it easy for you.


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Now relax and
join the #BeerSaturday challenge
with YOUR cool post about beer.

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Wunderbar und vielen Dank.
Mal sehen ob sich was rührt, in der Vergangenheit war das ja nix mehr mit OCD.
Prost & Saude. 😎🍻

Schau auf ein paar andere Post. Die wollen dann neuere voten.

Diesmal war es erfolgreich, hat geklappt.
Prost, Danke und Saude. 😎🍻


I did also participate though, and don't see myself in the list of participatants... Or maybe there was some requirement I overlooked? lol

no big thing, this week 146

the week 147 - last week - winners will be posted tomorrow

Well that's embarrassing... My bad.

A six pack of !BEER - well that's made my day, thanks @detlev

Delivery will be ready for easter days.

We as well move all the BEER to hive and you don't need to do anything. Means the token will get a snapshot in a few days and you will have your funds at hive-engine....

Woohoo! And congratulations to the other winners!

ALL WINNERS PAID for week 146

See you next week with your thirsty & beery post