Frangelic Mountain Brown Ale

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Founders Brewing is one of my favorite breweries. They are probably one of Michigan’s most famous breweries as well. This fame comes from their ability to mass produce quality and innovated beers.

I’ve had many versions of their Mountain Brown Ale. I think I’ve elven reviewed a few here. They just realized another version called Frangelic Mountain Brown.

Founders website describes in the following way

We love a well-balanced brown ale. Especially a brown ale of the hazelnut coffee persuasion. Case in point: Frangelic Mountain Brown. Initially brewed and released in bottles in 2012, this deliciously sweet and nutty coffee brown ale quickly became a favorite amongst beer fans and inspired us to continue pushing the coffee and beer envelope. Turns out your new favorite coffee drink is a beer.

I could not agree more; it’s a fan favorite.



I was surprised at how clear this beer is. It’s a ruby red to brown color with a dense, creamy, khaki-colored foam head. The head does slowly recede, but leaves a thin, wispy cap.



Smells like a coffee house. There’s loads of subtle coffee notes. Followed by roasted and nutty-forward malt. Then all of the sudden you are hit with the hazelnut which then transitions to boozy finish.



This tastes just like hazelnut coffee creamer. It’s super nutty with a ton of caramel undertones. I got a lot of roasty, toasty and bitter flavors in the finish. There’s undertones caramel that added a bit of sweetness.



Good amount of body with a silk like texture. It’s got a nice boozy heat. It’s not a chug beer it’s a sipping beer for sure. As it warms it becomes even chewier so don’t eat too much while drinking this.

Overall Impressions

It’s not an overly complex brown ale, but the combination of appearance, flavor and prices it’s definitely worth picking up.

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That does look tasty! Pity it's not available in Kansas, I'd like to try one...or six.

I’m surprised they don’t distribute there? They have such a wide network now I thought they were in a 50 states...

never had one of this but it looks tasty.

Great to have you all the weeks with the thirsty #BeerSaturday challenge.

Thanks for hosting. Maybe some day we can share a beer in real life!

That would be lovely..... next steemfest?

Possibly. They usually are difficult for me to ge to but someday

I really haven't tried too many of Founders different "flavors". I am going to have to do that sometime. It seems like there are a lot of really great ones. I like brown ales so this is where I might need to start.

I’ve had the Sumatra, underground and now the frangelic. All have been great. I think they have a very good brown base recipe.

I have fond memories of this beer, haven't had it for a while though

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