Founders Brewing Underground Mountain Brown

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You may have noticed I have a passion for beer, but my passion for coffee is just as strong. So when I can combine these two things you have a match made in heaven.

Underground Mountain Brown Ale combines the best of both world. Deep coffee notes and complex malt, chocolate, and alcoholic flavors.

I first had this beer years ago as a brewery only beer, but the popularity of it at the brewery must of been great enough for them to go into full production. This years release was part of their barrel aged series so when you add barrel aging to the process you know it’s only going to taste better.


The taste is very coffee forward, but you are able to pick up more flavors. I’m glad they toned down the coffee flavor because I feel like it could make the beer one noted. I could taste some chocolate, vanilla, malt and some more earthy wood notes. This flavor profile makes it perfect for fall.

The aroma is deep and complex like an espresso that’s been freshly brewed. I get subtle alcoholic bites, but it’s primarily coffee throughout.


I was worried this beer would be too thin, but it has great mouthfeel. Subtle carbonation makes it smooth on the tongue. There is a nice alcoholic burn that follows so you know you’ll feel warm in the coldest of days.

I’m really excited that they decided to bring this one back in bottles. I ha e a few stores away in the beer cellar to see if the aging process makes the flavor profile more complex.



I am not a coffee fan, but I like beers that have coffee tones. I am definitely going to have to check this one out!

That’s actually really interesting. Most people I know that don’t like coffee don’t like coffee beer too.

Sounds like an interesting mixture. Some of the dark Belgium beers have a similar taste and I prefer that one who are not to bitter.

Have a great day and for sure a !BEER for the fun

I like the bitter bite. That’s probably why I like coffee so much.

This one really looks and sounds like my kind of beer!!
!BEER, cheers!!

Coffee can be a bit hit and miss in beer and when done right it really works - we get a fair amount of Founders Beers in Australia so I think I'll try and find this one.

This one is done right. I’ve had good and bad versions so I’d rank this in my top 5.

Hey @cryptictruth, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!