Fancy Beer Review - Chocolat A La Menthe

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It’s always great to spend time at the lake. It gives me a chance to forget about work and my problems. When have been really into rock hunting lately so between geocaching and that hikes are pretty exciting.


After our hike I was feeling a bit festive and had a bottle aging from last year that was begging to be opened. I ordered this form the brewery as it was not distributed.

I was interested by the flavor combination as mint and chocolate is delicious, but I was wondering if that delicious combination could be maintained in a beer.


The aroma is rich with roasted coffee, chocolate, mint and malt. It’s way more subtle than I expected. Mint is such a power sent and flavor I thought is was going to super fragrant and forward. However, what I found was that it was a good thing it’s not forward.


After smelling the beer I thought flavors where going to be pretty mellow, but they were a bit more forward. I could taste the mint and chocolate mostly. The roasted notes with the coffee complemented the mint and chocolate by binding and bridging the flavors. It taste like a roasted chocolate dinner mint.


The mouthfeel was medium bodied with minimal carbonation which makes it decadent which is perfect for mint and chocolate. It’s an after dinner treat that’s got the flavor and feel for a great drinking experience.


I remember one of the Bulgarian craft breweries had a stout with mint. It was a bit strange 😁 maybe, as you said, it would be a great after dinner treat.
Cheers! !BEER

This not a beer you pair with good mint is just difficult as it’s strong and can be a bit artificial.

Haha you must have been on my last few weeks with the mint in the beers!


This after dinner treat of a !BEER gets the stamp of approval!

I try my guy! Cheers to the bubbly desert beers. I jumped on the Belgian train tonight.

Interesting, I never imagined that combination in a beer, it must be a bit refreshing because of the mint flavor.

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Interesting mix man, not sure if it would float my boat but I'd def try it...

On the rock collecting, me and my sons often do that at the beach. Have you any pics of cool stones you found?

It’s an interesting combo but it worked. We are heading out today to hunt so I’ll take some photos!

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I think I have had this one in the past. If it wasn't this one it was their front runner to this beer. I remember it being pretty decent. I got to try a blood orange and chili seltzer this weekend. It was quite interesting. Nice review!