Chocolate Rye Hipster Stout

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Odd Side Ales is one of the best breweries in Michigan so it’s a treat when I can get my hands on their beers. It’s even better when I can get my hands on the rare pub only releases! Rye Hipster Stout is a flagship limited release so when I hear about variants that they are releases I’ll do what I have to get it. That may mean driving a few hundred miles if the circumstances are right.

I’ve been lucky to create a relationship with some folks at the brewery though a side business, but have yet made the connect to get these beers mailed to me. I’d love to partner with them because that gold for them and I get free beer!

Sadly I had to drove and pay for this beer, but it’s worth it. Chocolate Rye Hipster Stout is a complex chocolatey treat.


The aroma is heavily with notes of warm chocolate, wheat malt, spicy rye and boozy bourbon. It’s a pretty forward aroma that’s best sold slightly cold, but if it’s too cold you loose some of that complexity.


The taste is it’s best part. I love the mixture of vanilla from the bourbon the chocolate and spicy rye combination. It reminds me of a candy but I can tell you exactly what candy that is. It finishes boozy and let’s you know you are drinking a stout with a kick.


The mouthfeel is medium bodied with a lower amount of carbonation which makes it cost the mouth. It’s sipping beer you would be in trouble if you chugged it.


Overall, the beer is worth its weight in gold. It’s flavor, aroma and texture are perfectly crafted.



Now that is my kind of beer! I didn't realize that OddSide was from Michigan though. I thought they were out of state. Do they have a tap room you can visit? Awesome stuff. I finally got my hands on a KBS the other day, but I haven't tried it yet. It was just a single bottle that I stole from my brother in law!

They have one of the best tap rooms in the state! There is a coffee shop and you can order food form down the street right to the brewery. KBS is such a solid heavy stout. I love all the bourbon and chocolate its smooth.

What town is oddside in?

Hey @cryptictruth, here is a little bit of BEER from @rynow for you. Enjoy it!

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