Brown Ale

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When I travel in Mexico I usually see lagers which is fine, but sometime I need something with a little more flavor. That’s were Legion Brewery comes into play. Their Brown Ale was just what I was craving.



This brown ales pours a deep dark color with coppery tones. It’s has a short white head that is frothy and has good retention.


The nose is all toasted malt and chocolate tones that have wheat undertones. It’s a mild aroma that’s warm and inviting. For a brown I was picking up more bitter notes that normal.


Again this is an interesting brown because the texture creamy. I’m use to thinner browns that don’t have so much chew. It’s refreshing to find something that’s not crisp like a lager.



The flavor is bitter. Like, way more bitter than I expected. It’s filled with wheat, bread, yeast and malt notes. It’s a lot like an ESB which isn’t a beer I get much in the states. Now back to the bitter. The middle and finish are so bitter I could not tell if I lived it or hated it. It’s not like a hop bitter either. It’s like baker’s chocolate.

With that I think I liked it. As I write this review I’m think I’ll confirmed it did like. Next time I’m back in Mexico this will be one of the first beers I order.


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Though I have strayed too far into hops territory, I still appreciate a good malt.

I would try that one!

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