Breakfast in a Glass

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Breakfast for dinner anyone? Seriously though, French Toast Bastard by Founders Brewing is like liquified breakfast in a glass.

The aroma is intoxicating - no pun intended. There’s sweet notes of maple syrup and warm vanilla. There’s a nice alcohol pungency from the base dirty bastard beer. Even has a bready French toast like smell.

When it comes to appearance it’s not the craziest looking beer. It’s dark as a solid tan head that’s lacy and clingy.


The taste is more complex which is satisfying. I was expecting it to be too sweet and one notes. It’s only slightly sweet, but there more booze and vanilla which is what I would say are the dominating flavors. It finish more malty and grainy too. It’s this combination that gives you all the French toast qualities. It’s amazing this is beer!


I paired this with a classic cheeseburger which seems odd, but it drank quite well. I will also mention that it packs a pretty good alcoholic punch. I was feeling it as I finished my meal. I wish I could find this bottled.

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Cheers and !BEER

Had a few of this „food“ beers and one per evening might work, but not more.

Hey @cryptictruth, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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Wow! Dirty Bastard is a favorite, this French toast bastard is new to me, however. From your description it sounds like freaking heaven on a Saturday morning. I don't go out much to sample the pub offerings as often as I used to...working in the commercial refrigeration field, I have seen (and SMELLED) so many "under-maintenanced" draft systems.

But the great news is, you have just encouraged me to embark upon a quest to find this brew and drink it! Good stuff. Thanks for sharing this one.