Belloq Coffee Stout

in beersaturday •  2 months ago 

I’ve lost track of what day it is already. How many of you in quarantine are starting to loose it too? I had to take a break and head outside to enjoy a ice cold beer to calm the nerves and settle my brain.

I opted to open the Belloq by Hoofheatered Brewery. It’s an American Stout with Coffee and Vanilla.

This beer offers a super smooth caramel & chocolate notes that finish with a massive coffee hit. The aroma is coffee forward. It’s got plenty of toasted malty notes that not only tickle the nose hairs, but it makes you salivate.

The beer drinks smoothly with a decent amount of carbonation for a stout. It’s way lighter than a BBA Stout, but thinner than a porter.


My fosters part has to be the coffee flavor. I’m a coffee addict so anytime I find a good coffee beer I won’t complain.

Cheers and Stay Healthy!

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We have to create little rituals so we can keep track of the days Friday and Saturday nights are cheese and beer nights - it helps a lot.

I'm trying stick to routine as much as possible. Getting outside helps too. Here’s to hoping it’s not too rainy over the next few weeks.