Atomic Blaze and Grimfrost Beer Review

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After my works Christmas party a few coworkers decided to grab one more beer at the local brewery. So I decided to grab this beautiful beer is the Atomic Blaze by Aberrant Ales. It’s a blood orange sour ale with added lactose.


It has a fairly simple appearance that’s simple to an IPA. It’s yellow to orange in color with a very tightly packed head. The bubble are tiny and had good retention. The highlight of the appearance is their sophisticated glasses.


This beers has a slight floral honey aroma mixed with more yeasty bread and crisp citrus fruits. It’s well balance and without being overly complex.



The flavor is similar to the aroma as are many beers. There is notes of sweet and sour citrus. There’s a light breast or yeasty characteristic. The sour factor is more like a sour candy or citric acid. This makes it a sweet and sour kind of ale. It does not finish as dry as some beers.


It’s not very carbonated so it had a heavier mouthfeel than I was expecting. It also coated the mouth which was an added benefit that not all beers can do well. That allowed you to taste more flavors as it lingered in the mouth.

Overall Impressions

This is one well crafted beer. It’s beauty is in its simplicity. Some sours try to hard to add too much, but that just makes things overwhelming. Kind of like they say too many cooks in the kitchen. They made this just right. I would highly recommend checking this out.


Being that the first beer was so tasty I could not help myself so I ended up getting a second beer, Grimfrost which is a collaberation with Drafting Table another Michigan Brewery.

Inspired by Finnish Sahti ales traditionally brewed using Juniper. That added a ridiculous 6 pounds of fresh Juniper cuttings (branches, needles, and fruit) into the mash. This was followed by a short boil and minimal hops. Fermentation was carried out with a traditional Norwegian farmhouse yeast.


Let me tell you Juniper is a interesting flavor! This beers was unlike most beers I’ve tried.


The appearance is slightly oranger than the first, but share many characteristics. It’s head did not had much retention, but the bubbles were still pretty tightly packed.


The aroma is very juniper forward. There’s also notes of citrus, earthy sourness, and some acidity.


The flavor is more farmhouse ale with yeast and earthy notes. There’s citrus and juniper, pine and slight woody notes. It more complex and ‘grown up’.


Was thinner than the first beer it’s an easy sipping beer. It’s also slightly more carbonated.

Overall Impressions

It’s more complex, but the addition of the juniper makes this beer appeal to a more narrower audience. If you don’t like juniper don’t get this beer!

If I had to choose, the Atomic blaze was my favorite beer of the night. It was the preferred night cap as it’s flavors were not as pungent and one noted.


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very cool pictures....

.... and a bit of !BEER for you.

The Atomic Blaze really sounds like a good !BEER

It was! It was definitely the better of the pair.

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