Lessons Learned on the Road to 1000 SP.

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My Journey with the steem blockchain has lasted for over 2-years now and I have seen lots happen, both good and bad. I’m not about to get into all the politics around here as this post is a celebration or maybe just a pat on the back, not quite sure which. Anyway, I will say that I’ve been here for the highs and the lows and probably sold the majority of my stake in a blind panic somewhere in between. I’m no crypto wiz kid and my tech brain is the size of a grape, but still that has never had a negative effect on my time here. I’ve had my gripes and I’ve put my 2 pence worth of thoughts into the pot from time to time, which is important (even when you know it won’t make a ripple in this big pond). Still, we all have a voice and the opportunity to speak about whatever we chose to (unless you’re having your ass handed to you by an angry whale in a relentless flag-attack).

My personal journey has led me to write about all sorts of things, from politics and forced adoptions, right the way through to creating my own music and song lyrics and all manner of subjects in between. On the curation side of things, I’ve always done it manually and if you get a comment from me it’s because I’ve really enjoyed your post. I can’t honestly say that I read every post I upvote but the posts I do give a blind upvote to are usually steemit accounts that put in a lot of hard work so I’m pretty confident my vote is going to a good place. As for down voting, well, I can only think of 1 or 2 occasions when I’ve bothered to and hopefully that’s where I will be in another 2-years time. For me down-voting is a bit negative, although I do understand the underlying theme behind the tool, so I just tend to turn the other cheek and move along. The way I see it, there is plenty to go around and plenty of positive, interesting and informative, things to view on this wonderful blockchain. Besides it seems those who see the benefits behind this new flag system are busy cleaning house, which leaves me to stick to doing what I do best, trying to find the positives and helping out some new accounts get noticed. Also I do enjoy showing my support to the old dogs who stick around chipping away like I do...which brings me very nicely onto the reason why I’m getting a little bit excited...

At this very moment I am only a very short way away from having earned 1000-STEEM!!! For me this is a huge milestone. As I mentioned earlier, I was here during the bull-run and if crypto vanished tomorrow I could honestly say I did quite well from it, financially speaking. But...and this is a big but...If crypto goes to the moon like we all hope it will, I will have to eat humble pie and admit that I sold out too early. But fuck-it! Nobody knows what the future holds, especially when it come to this particular stubborn blockchain of ours. But getting back to what I was originally saying, I was here during the bull-run and cashed out, which means I’ve kind of lived on both sides of the track. When the high times were here I lived em! And now, in the winter of our discontent, when the price of Steem is stuck to the floor like a piece of discarded chewing gum, I find myself having to start all over again and rebuild my nest-egg. Only difference between doing it now is that I know that I can afford to hodl, because I’ve already had my fun. Now I’m stacking for keeps and the chips can fall where ever they want to. If the price of steem goes to the moon I’ll be tickled pink with the thought of being an early investor who made a tidy sum. On the other hand, if the blockchain fails and this all becomes some tale to tell the grandchildren about, well, then I’ll still be proud of what I’ve been a part of. So, either way I’m a happy bunny, although I much prefer the future where I’m “that guy” from my small town who made a small fortune on the crypto scene...

While I wait for that that day to come I will patiently keep chipping away, earning a few STEEM here and a few STEEM over there. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the support of others and this is what we must all remember. This blockchain is meaningless if we don’t make the effort to support each other and like many great Steemians have said before me...

“I came because of the crypto, but stayed here because of the community”

Cheers folks! And here’s a beer on me...Enjoy it while it last and stay humble, be thankful for what we have and appreciate the efforts made by others.


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Glad you have stuck around and hope things will be much better in another 2 year's.

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Cheers matey 😀 would be good to see this place on the big stage.

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Indeed it would 😀

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