Pink dip by BecomingFilipino


Fact: That pink dip would have disgusted me years ago.

New Fact: I learned to love it. Especially with a healthy spread like this!

Fact: Purple mush was gross.

New Fact: Ube rules! Ubebebebay!!

Fact: Fish soaked in vinegar and boiled sounded like a waste of fish!

New Fact: The taste is incredible! Especially with a side of rice or mais grits!

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Author Bio:

This article was written by BecomingFilipino. The journey of a Canadian sharing happiness, adventure and Love of Filipino Culture.


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I laughed as I read those descriptions of the food. This is so true of food and life. We sometimes judge things by their appearance or our first impression, smell or something. But if we take a little time to get to know people, places or things like food...we might like them. Nice post.

Being Filipino myself (but raised in Australia), there are still some things that look bad and taste bad...haha!

LOL 😂 very true

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