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A year and a half ago, something really horrible, and really awkward happened. Typhoon Vinta caused the Cagayan de Oro River to flood. It was horrible watching the flood waters rise and destroy people's property. I actually found myself caught up in the flood, having to evacuate and swim out of my compound. I was lucky. My home didn't flood... but literally everyone on the other side of the Barangay did. It was so sad, and it was painfully awkward for me... I was spared, but had to see everyone across the street from me flood.

Okay, so where am I going with this... well this morning I was passing by a sari-sari store just down the road from my house. I had a quick catch up with Ate Lauren, the lady who runs the store and has a simple house behind it. I noticed her store now had a cool bahay kubo next to it, and was blooming with products and people visiting. I mentioned this to her, and she said:

"Thanks to you Kulas."


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This article was written by BecomingFilipino. The journey of a Canadian sharing happiness, adventure and Love of Filipino Culture.


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