"Ephemeral Standards"

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No matter how hard we try, nor
How much we wish it were so,
Time will not Stop for anyone.

All our hard fought battles to remain youthful looking,
Will eventually
Crack, Crumble and leave us Disappointed.
Why do we give such importance,
So much value to our appearances?

We know that the outward,
Visible body doesn’t in any way show
The beauty, the Value, nor the
Worth of the person inside.

It has been a puzzle to me for some time now.

Exactly where DID our standards of what is
Beautiful in a person’s
Outward appearance come from?

Why is it so
Dramatically different for men and women?
If a woman dresses in men’s clothes, she is
If a man dresses in women’s clothes,
He is a pervert.

Who imposed these standards and for
what reasons? Are they truly

“Ephemeral Standards”

Jerry E Smith

These .gifs were created for me by @coquiunlimited; many thanks

This .gif was created by @elgeko

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