Beautiful Sunday - Fall Squirrels and Others

Here are a few sights from a fall walk for this #beautifulsunday
Finally there was a sunny day here in Illinois. Perfect for going out with the zoom lens as it only works when the sun is bright.
The squirrels were busy trying to harvest and stash as many acorns as possible for winter.
It's hard to find a squirrel without an acorn in its mouth right now.
This one was burying an acorn that will probably just be stolen by another squirrel later in the day.
The leaves were nice and bright especially backlit against the sun.
I found one of the last monarch that was cold and trying to warm up in the sun. I hope it will be able to fly south before winter fully hits.
The robins are still around and their red breasts match the red leaves nicely. Once the ground freezes enough they'll move south.
Finally the Canadian geese are still around and they'll be around all winter. This one was chowing down on the last of the duck weed.

Happy #beautifulsunday :-)


Awwww... what a cute fella.... Beautiful colours! :)
Happy BeautifulSunday to you too!!

It was a rare sunny day here for once. Now its turned gray and cold again. Poor squirrels have to hide in tgeir leaf nests.

Aww what lovely little squirrel! 😍 Good shots my friend! 👍 Happy Sunday!

Always busy and energetic.

some proteins are wrong....ears are small and without tassels


= these are the right proteins

These proteins have more protein on them than the tufted eared ones.

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My sights are better than your sights! lol

On your squirrel hunting rifle?

We Kanuck hunt 'em big game moose 'em, eh!

A tiny squirrel would just be a hors d'oeuvres compared to a moose that can feed you for a year.

A week's

That's a big one. Better look for some shrooms out in the forest to go with it.

I live in mushroom central but unless I had an expert in the field with me I wouldn't attempt to use them as food:

more shrooms.jpg

Those look like ink caps to me, technically edible but only good in soup and if you drink any alcohol too soon after eating those it will mix with an enzyme in them that will make you sick. I would only eat those if you were really desperate for food.

The light was glorious! Love the rich colors it brought out.

Have to catch as much of it as possible. I think La Nina is going to make the winter extra cold and dark this year...

Nice capture of the little squirrel.

If only I could capture one with my hands... or maybe not I suspect they would bite really hard.