Magical Byron Bay Never Disappoints 🌞😎🌞

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Although most of our restrictions from covid-19 in N.S.W Australia have been reconsidered and mostly lifted we can now all get back to our beautiful beaches but are still not allowed to fly domestically or internationally so , i will have to bore you a bit with Byron Bay showing you the beaches and coastlines i mostly adore in my home town of Byron Bay.





Even though i would love to get away on a holiday it would be impossible at the moment not for the reason of not been able to fly out anywhere but for the reason that like most of us we have a lot of catching up with bills that have accumulated so been back at work it's head down and bum up for now.





Having been able to get back to work again is one thing that i am very grateful for but the other thing that i am mostly grateful for is that i live in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia surrounded with the most beautiful beaches and coastlines.





I know that every morning i wake up the beaches and the coastlines are going to be there and no one can take that away from me no even damn Coronavirus πŸ˜‚





My lighthouse awaits me every morning as i run along those paths leading up to the lighthouse kissing beautiful nature all the way up till , i reach my tall white shining lady on Cape Byron.





Whether your walking the beach or walking up to the lighthouse it is nice to be alive in Byron Bay , i wouldn't want to be anywhere else.





The people's good vibes are back in Byron Bay and they feel safe again they are coming out again feeling more relaxed been able to sit , walk and surf them waves on the beach nice to see happy humans around again.




Let's hope it stays this way and hope you all had a great Sunday stay safe from all of us in Byron Bay 😊



#beautifulsunday hosted by @c0ff33a


#sublimesunday hosted by @ace108





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Nice peaceful beach. The lighthouse looks rather recently repainted.

Β  Β· Β last monthΒ (edited)

Thank you @ace108 great place for a peaceful jog or a stroll the lighthouse has just been painted again they maintain it quite well it is the icon of Byron Bay πŸ‘

Β  Β· Β last monthΒ 

You have some postcard pictures here mate, but then that's Byron for ya huh? I've been a few times, many actually, and never had a bad time. Well, there was that one time I twisted my ankle up at the lighthouse, fell and dropped my camera. That sucked.

Thanks @galenkp it is one awesome place it has all you need and am so lucky to have been able to buy a property here years ago as a investment and now have moved into the home myself after having it rented out to holiday markers for years.

Damn that would off sucked hope the camera survived never mind about your ankle πŸ˜‚

Β  Β· Β last monthΒ 

Ankle survived, camera...Not so much. I was fucking pissed off! Oh well, I got over it.

Byron would be a nice spot to live for sure. I like Coffs Harbour also. All over that region is good though.

That would be a piss off i known the feeling i once dropped a camera on a marble flooring had it repair but was never the same again it forgot how to focus it kept seeing someone else so i had to trade her in πŸ˜‚

Indeed we have many choices our coastlines are just magical πŸ‘

Β  Β· Β last monthΒ 

Wow you really live in paradise ;) I would love to be in a place like this ;)
Bra beaches ;)

Are you aware of chemtrails?
It looks like there is so much in your area...


And those are real clouds...



Thank you @iliyan90 it is a paradise πŸ‘

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Β  Β· Β last monthΒ 

like postcard..

Thank you @ssygmr 😊

Β  Β· Β last monthΒ Reveal Comment

Thank you @hangin it's a real paradise this town would not trade it for anything else πŸ‘

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