East Shore Loop to Lake Del Valle , California.

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Seeing that there are no new places we have been able to travel to because of this ongoing pandemic , i am going to show you a beautiful lake in California called Lake Del Valle were i was just over a year ago with my wife , my cousin and his wife. As we all like hiking we decided on Lake Del Valle because of it's beauty and the trails are not long great for a day trip and they provide some beautiful scenery around the lake.




Upon arrival to Lake Del Valle we decided to take the East Shore Loop Trail which is about an 8 km hike towards the lake it was a easier to a moderate trail with some steep climbing but amazing mountain views around us.




Once we reached the peak of the East Shore Loop it was very rewarding with a picturesque tree and amazing views looking down at the lake , from here on it was all downhill to reach the base of Lake Del Valle , we were lucky that we were not doing this in the summer season because there was no shade to hide from the sun. Heading towards the lake the trial became a bit more narrow but luckily at the time we were there it wasn't high season for people to be hiking around the foothills of this lake so we had it pretty much to ourselves.




This lake is very popular with fisherman apparently the lake is regularly stocked up with catfish and trouts so you will see fisherman out there in there boats or fishing from the shore line bring in that evening fish dinner.




During the summer period the lake is filled with families just coming out to enjoy a picnic day and a swim around the white sand beach areas where they even have lifeguards on duty very thoughtful of them. The kids have a large playground area and if your into horse riding they have trails for them also.



If you intended staying longer they have many camping grounds and you can be up in the morning and do some more hiking or rent out a canoe or kayak from the marine and go and have some fun our time there was only a day trip but we wished to have stayed longer but it was a full on pleasant day and we were grateful to see and hike around this amazing lake.




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The water looks so clean that it's almost unreal! Beautiful!

Your so right it was almost drinkable 😊

Manually curated by ackhoo from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you @ackhoo and @qurator very kind of you 😊

Wow, you are very lucky!!! Very beautiful place!!!

It was a very nice place to visit wish i was there now 😊

I thought was a nice quiet place mostly but the fishing folks know where to plant themselves obviously.

These fisherman do know the right spots to fish we can not keep them away 😆

Hi @kohsamui99. Beautiful lake photographs. I have family in California. Due to the health crisis, I'm unable to travel freely also. Those are the type of quiet places we like to travel to in our RV. We're not so much campers, rather just visit in our RV.

And, of course, get some fishing time in. Thanks for sharing that beautiful scenery.

Thank you for your lovely comment it was a beautiful hike around that lake great memories wish i was back there now and hopefully we will all be able to start traveling again.

Take care and stay safe.

I'll bet it was. I just wanted to thank you for deciding to follow my journey on Hive and engage with me and my content. I appreciate the engagement and look forward to speaking with you again.

Have a good week, and stay safe.

Your most welcome and lets hope our journey is all good on Hive.

Take care and have a great week 😊

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You are very welcome @kohsamui99 ❤️❤️

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Thank you @pinmapple 😊

You're welcome @kohsamui99❤️

Nice photos

Thank you @lyubo19 👍

They are beautiful photos, a spectacular view of that lake

Thank you @truelovemom great memories from that beautiful lake.

That lake looks so clean and blue what a magical hike that would of been around that lake.

Thank you @bigsambucca it was one of our best hikes around a beautiful lake like that.

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Sorry forgot i was having problems uploading images with esteem last night so i had to use hive.

Wow! Absolutely beautiful @kohsamui99!! I've never been to California but if I ever went then this is the kinda place you would find me at. 😁 💖

Thank you @deerjay hope you do get there some day you wouldn't be disappointed 😊

You're very welcome! 🙂

Beautiful refreshing views love to be there right now 😊

I can see why it was one beautiful place to be 👍