Sunset on Saint Thomas

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2 days ago i was alone on this beach in Saint Thomas (Virgin Islands) during sunset.
It was pretty awesome... also the drive down in the rental was pretty memorable. Rental cars are pretty good at offroading turns out ;)

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4th highest murder rate in the world by some estimates, but yet somehow the USVI doesn't have a bad reputation among Americans. But when I mention my American friends should visit Suriname, they are immediately concerned with their safety. USVI has produced the band "Midnite" though, the greatest band of the century in my opinion. I always wanted to visit for Dub in The Rainforest, but due to my Cambodian family members inability to get American visas, it's not on our list of realities.

Interesting... had no idea

Nice mate. Pity we could not figure out how to meet up; we are in St Martin at the moment.

I traveled halfway around the world to see the first "Akae Beka" show in Kingston, Jamaica. The USVI has produced in my opinion, the greatest musician and poet of our time, Vaughn Benjamin. He recently passed in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Cool; that would have been great to see.

Chak my photography sir photofeed

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