Drawing Canvas : Fishing in the Sea

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Hello everyone,

Hope you all are well ...

I started my post today by thanking everyone.

This is my new Drawing Canvas Call (Rong Tulir Aka)

Today Art Concept: Fishing in the Sea


One of the things I thought of when I started Drawing fish in the Ocean was to highlight the art well. But it's from keeps Changing Again and again. I am drawing one and becoming another look are show

so let's go to...

How to Draw Fishing in the Sea

Step by Step I will show how

The drawing was made in my hand

step 01

First, a Design with light Blue Color. let's color some places


next sing.jpg

step 02.

Now let's try a seaweed shape with green color


next sing.jpg

step 03

Then I caught a few fish and I drawing fished them like a vacuum fish it's more colorful fish and looks very nice
The fish and the algae are like the first pages of my son's home Drawing book.


next sing.jpg

step 04

Here I mean that the fish are wandering around with a lot of joy. The Mountains on one side and the birds on the other side are roaming happily. now this picture is a little bit similar to my son's drawing book


next sing.jpg

step 05

Suddenly black clouds appear in the sky. The birds all went to their homes. the quiet environment suddenly became turbulent. looks like something is going to happen in a while. The sun became black for a while


next sing.jpg

Final step.

This is what I have been trying to draw for so long. now nothing is like before.the fisherman cast their nets for fishing in the sea


fisherman able to catch the fish and my drawing was successful

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