Today's little choices.

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Today is here and it is just going g to be today. It is the moment in time now, that will allow us take, give, break or make.rainbow4468783__480.webp
The colors of your day is dependent on your choice to see the rainbow or the storms.

Waking up to this day takes commitment in our parts because, we all have the right to choose to not be part of today.


There are some choices we make daily; little choices if you may and they lead to the final results we are striving for.

Tackle your today with the right mindset and make your mood better than it was the minute before.
The choices we make to stay alive, to take one more step, to try one more, to smile even in pain, to trust just one more time and to be who we want to be happy with is completely up to us to make.

Today is big and very pregnant with the hope of tomorrow. Without today, you will not have a future because, it all starts now.

Be committed to living through this day with a clear head and push the bitterness behind you.

About bitterness, I think it has its benefits and sometimes, we should get a taste of it.

It is okay to be bitter because, it helps equalize the taste bud of your mind so you know when to bite and when to chew.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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All along I have been caught up into thinking that bitterness has only negative effects on our lives(humans). Thanks for opening up my thoughts to beholding even what may seem to be evil in a positive way.

I now realize that To the pure all things are pure

The mind is a great incubator of the state of our lives. It's always good to keep feeding it with the right information so that to keep it in the right mood enabling us to behave in an ethical way.

It's important to always have a good expectation. Hehe.. I like your phrase

Today is big and very pregnant with the hope of tomorrow

I am hoping that tomorrow will be much better and brighter than today. I am walking boldly with my head high ready to face any challenge of life.

Let me keep working on and realigning this mind to positive thinking.

Thanks so much for provoking all these thoughts in me.

Thanks for your input.
To the pure, all things are indeed pure and when we pursue life based on that knowledge, we get better at life and make the story more enjoyable. You will be high and happy when there is a provoked approached to life.

Stay Awesome!

  • Our daily choices lead to the final results we strive for.
  • Tackle your day with the right mindset.
  • Be committed to living through this day with a clear head and push the bitterness behind you.

All beautiful words and points. I must say that when people come to the realization that their individual choices are the determining factors of their end results they'd be more intentional and mentally aware of these choices.
And I believe it'll lead to better decisive choices and actions.

Thanks for stopping by.
Decisive action and choices are the best ways o get to doing the right thing. You decide to be good or bad and when that sinks in, you become the product of the choice made.

Stay Awesome!