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The goal of the BDCommunity is to establish a strong bond in the Steem Blockchain and to support especially Bangladeshi steemians. BDCommunity rewards members for the wonderful contents they produce. The community always addresses important complexion regarding the overall quality of a post that goes beyond any informative content, and also exhibit how to maintain the standard.

In order to achieve better results regarding the quality of the content, our team members read many posts every day. We believe that the curation of content, adding the greatest value on Steem. To inspire and support those authors for putting their effort we support over 12 content daily and approximate 84 plus quality contents per week.


A few words about the nomination:

We curate only original content. Articles, art, poetry, videos, recipes, religious etc. We prefer Bangla and English language. Good and quality content is relatively easy to create. A low quality and plagiarized article fall flat. A strong article develops the chance of getting support, changes minds, gains followers, carries weight. Of course, everybody has something interesting to say. So go and create some!

We release every week the list of authors who have caught the attention of the curation team.

Building A New Workstation PC Part 1 | The Case



So I've decided now that I'm back home for the foreseeable future, it's time to sink nerd roots. Besides at work, I've been using a laptop exclusively for the past few years due to living overseas. With the advent of tablets, high-powered laptops, and other fixed configuration devices, building PCs...

A Steem Promo on my Terrace by the Kid.


Cover Image

The craze of Steem is all over me and family. Apart from finding out time to make post and curate stuff, on Steem, I even talked about it with my kid. Though she is too young to pull into the Steem pond, but i already promoted Steem to her. The craze is such that even when I get busy with work...

[Vlog] I Tried Making Vegan Tofu Nuggets Without Egg. I Did It!


Cover Image

You're looking for a snack variation of tofu? Then Vegan Tofu Nuggets are a decent snack for you to try to make at home. The ingredients are quite simple and do not need to be afraid to make it complicated. Ingredients: 250 grams of tofu 100 grams of bread...

Foggy Thursday Photography


Cover Image

Hello Lovely Peoples, The effects of winter mornings are now being noticed in city life. Because of the cold weather in Dhaka city has been increasing in the last few days. And because of the effects of the winter, I'm late to the office. On my way to the office today, I took some pictures of the ...

White grace


Cover Image

Snowless winter so far. These photographs are from the only full snowy day. It all melted the next day after rain. All the snow haters out there how is the grey, gloomy, stormy, rainy winter any better? I don’t understand them and their talks about convenience. No shoveling, no snow in the shoe...

¡Gallinita Para Guardar Huevos!


Cover Image

Amigos de Steemit, aquí les traigo mi nuevo post de manualidades. A mí en lo particular me encantan las coquetería del hogar, y disfruto en hacer esos detalles que te hacen la la diferencia a la hora de adornar. Hoy les tengo está linda gallinita, que realice pon muy pocos materiales, básicamente...

From January 04, 2020 to January 11, 2020, we rewarded 47 unique authors who have produced quality content. The 47 authors who received votes from @bdcommunity and the trail are:

@armandosodano, @dfacademy, @cryptospa, @rana2423, @steeimran, @rezoanulvibes, @hmetu, @anouk.nox, @gargi, @shuvo35, @priyanarc, @alamin33, @papilloncharity, @madushanka, @bugavi, @jayanti.jaya, @nelyp, @mattsanthonyit, @almi, @hafizullah, @shadonchandra, @ashikstd, @alejandra.her, @rehan12, @sunsethunter, @anggreklestari, @ctgo, @aulia1993, @rem-steem, @old-guy-photos, @solominer, @sayee, @biti, @steemer-sayu907, @janaveda, @simaroy, @m31, @joshman, @tussar11, @bdfoods, @steemflow, @yiobri, @belkisa758, @mdaminulislam, @kayda-ventures, @dexpartacus, @mspbro

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I am Bangladeshi. I love this community so much. I am proud to be a member of this community. ♥♥

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