Learning On The Move.

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Sometimes even the best laid out plans fail.When that happens do you ;

A.Give up
B.Press the reset button
C.Press Pause
D.Just forge ahead.Hoping you catch a break down the road.

OPTION A : Giving up isn't necessarily a bad thing when you come to the realization that somethings are not worth the sacrifice.If you realize this sooner then you would save alot of energy and resources that you would have otherwise wasted and instead focus them on something that would be more profitable.

OPTION B : I believe life isn't a video game where you just hit the Reset button when you feel everything is going to shit.Although second chances do come in the form of Reset buttons,second chances are not that easy to come by.If you do get one,make very good use of it.

OPTIONS C : You could certainly Pause to take a breath,when you feel you are overwhelmed but pause for too long and life would move on without you as there is one thing you can never control which is TIME.

OPTION D :Forge ahead despite all the setbacks and heavy storms.This is the least pleasant of all the options but one i feel brings out the best in you. During this period you learn a lot about yourself.This knowledge gained while moving forward makes you stronger as you are moving against the gravity of failure that is keeping everyone else grounded. Soon enough you will break out of what ever resistance that is holding you back.

If you hang on long enough,you get to see the promised land and everything you MAY have lost along the way would have been worth it.

Thanks for Reading.