BDCommunity Presents: [A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words] [Contest]

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We are bringing something new, something different with this week's contest. We all take pictures don't we! Maybe a beautiful lake, maybe the gloomy skies before the storm, or that bird on a tree....

Now, what if you were to tell a story with that picture? An element of reality existing within the picture, an element of your imagination surrounding it. That's exactly what we are going to do this week. Let us take the reality we live in and submerge it inside the realm of our imagination!

This week's Topic: Write A Fiction on a Picture.

A couple of things to keep in mind, this is not a photography contest. This is still a writing contest.

The photo you use must be your own. Images taken from the internet (even if you mention the source) will have your entry disqualified.

All the details and conditions of the contest are as follows.

Winners and prizes:

This contest will have 3 winners and 100 HIVE in prizes. They will be distributed as follows.

  • First Place- 50 HIVE.
  • Second Place- 30 HIVE.
  • Third Place- 20 HIVE.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The entries should be written only in English.
  • Entries should not be less than 350 words.
  • Only one entry per contestant will be counted as valid. And do not use the tags and the title more than once.
  • The post title should include [A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words]". For example, [A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words]-Your Title Here.
  • Use #BDCcontest among your tags.
  • Tag a friend: Invite someone to participate. And Include a link of this post somewhere in your entry.
  • Put down a comment with the link of your entry below.
  • Submission is due within Friday 10:00 AM GMT+6 sharp. Entries will not be accepted after 10:00 AM.

Evaluation Process:

  • Failure to follow any of the conditions as mentioned above will cause an automatic disqualification.
  • Please refrain from using vulgarities, profanities and obscenities and stick to the Topic.
  • And, as always, @azircon will be judging the winners.
  • There will be three Winners, 1st place-50 HIVE, 2nd place-30 HIVE, 3rd place-20 HIVE.
  • The winners will be announced in our weekly voice meeting next Friday 10 PM GMT +6.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, feel free to head over to our community Discord and drop your queries there. Somebody will always be there to answer your questions.

Support us by voting as a Hive Witness and/or by delegating Hive Power.

20 HP50 HP100 HP300 HP500 HP1000 HP2000 HP



Mone hocche abaro ber hoye jete hobe to take a picture that Speaks a Thousand Words.
Thanks for the contest.

start writing bro. Hope to see some great contents through this contest from everyone. It will be a lot enjoyable.
Best of luck for the contest.

Yeah, I'll try to participate and I'm already looking for a nice picture.
Thanks for your nice reply and I hope, we'll see your entry also soon.
Good luck.

Thank you for creating interesting and great prize contests.

I want to ask you a question related to the winners of a contest I participated in and did not know who won it.

Answer Extended a week! Last Bell of Montezuma! [Writing Contest- 100 Hive in Prizes] [Final Week]

I apologize, if I was not the right channel to ask that question, thank you.

Hi @soyunasantacruz, thank you for dropping by and thank you for participating in our previous contests. Usually we publish a post with the winners list, but we got very occupied with working on our weekly magazine, Turni. So we kinda forgot to make an announcement post and it was a mistake on our part. Sorry for that.

The winners of a contest is always announced first on our BDCommunity Discord Server. on fridays during our weekly voice meeting at 10 p.m. GMT +6. Please do join and say Hi in the #coffee-lounge if you haven't already joined!

The winners of the "Last Bell of Montezuma! [Writing Contest- 100 Hive in Prizes] [Final Week]" were as follows -

3rd - notacinephile
2nd - istiakahamed
1st - deepu7

If you have any queries, some of our officials will always be there on our discord to respond.

Thank you.

Thank you, I would like to join your voice channel, but I only speak Spanish.

I'm studying English so in the future I'd like to say hello to you.

Thank you, 😘😉

Oh we have a lot of international friends on our discord who speaks only English, so that's not a problem at all. All our officials and members of the community in general will respond to messages in English in the coffee lounge!

Usually we click some picture which has a lot to say. Well,this is the contest where we can hear those unspoken words from everyone.

Well as i love to take photographs and write so i am gonna enjoy it a lot. Hoping for the best.

Your thoughtful and exceptional contests make us want to write. Every time new and written contests are enlivening the BDCommunity. Through this contest, you gave the contestants a chance to get out of the house. Source cannot be used, so we have to go out and take pictures. The interesting thing, It will be possible to know the story behind various pictures. Those who capture vivid and lively pictures, this contest will be very enjoyable for them. The best wishes 🌹

so we have to go out and take pictures.

We are not encouraging you to go out and take pictures as sources can't be used. You may also do some kind of home photography or use old pic's too or go out and click photos. As covid situation going on its up to you.

The highlight part is,

The photo you use must be your own.

Thank you for the response and good to see you. Wish you best of luck for the contest.

Finally I got a contest like mind. Of course, all the contests of Bdcommunity are very unique. But this week I like it more. I got a chance to tell the story of the photo I took. There is a story behind all the photo that we take.
Thank you for this contest.

We are also happy to bring out such a contest to win over everyone’s expectations. Waiting for seeing some good participations from all and you too. Best of luck bro.

We almost all like to take pictures. Some pictures in so many pictures speak a thousand words. I also like to take pictures when I go out. We are always getting unique contests from BDcommunity, as always I am interested in writing in this contest. This is the opportunity to tell the story behind it.

Thanks for coming up with interesting contest all the time.

Glad to see you here. This one is going to be much interesting one for all of us also waiting for some great participation. Best of luck apu.