I got my Halving Alchemist to level 5 today.

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Will I be able to make it to level 6? It's kind of doubtful at this point. At the time of writing this post, there are only 566 of them left available from pack purchases. In order to get to level 6, I need 23 more cards. The thing is, I have a considerable power-down of Steem on a few accounts and Hive on one account that happens every Saturday around 9 am. If the cards are still available then (which is in about 15 hours), I may actually be able to get that many packs.

The thing is, I will definitely not be surprised if the rest of the cards are gone before then. All it would take is a couple of whales to come in and swoop them all up.

This was a pretty cool event, in my opinion. I think the Splinterlands team should do this again. It's a good way to sell some packs and also to get more people playing more battles, even if some of them (myself included) are the same person playing multiple accounts. The airdrops of Halving Alchemists are only going out to accounts which play on one of the official sites for the game, which is cool. Otherwise, they'd probably all go to bot accounts.

Getting this card to max level would be nice because that's when you get a boost in the attack. As you can see, the stats don't get all that much better between some of the levels. Going to level 5 from 4 brought the hearts up to 3, but that's about it. Level 4 brought the Redemption ability, which certainly makes this a more powerful card. If you can protect it for a few rounds, it can really give you a leg up in battle.

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Excellent.... now it has one more ability...