Rada Quest (Trading Card Game) Newsletter for Investors Week #2

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I proceed to inform about the TARUK tokens airdrop on Sunday, July 14, carried out as part of the financing system of the Rada Quest Trading Card Game (under development).

This airdrop is made among the followers who have voted the posts and comments of @marcosdk and @radaquest. The amount of TARUK sent is equivalent to the respective payments of the votes (after curation).

0.309633 TARUK have been distributed among 117 users.

The software to calculate the amounts has been developed by Marcos DK.
The software to perform the airdrop has been developed by Rishi556.

Important: The base price of the TARUK token is 1 Steem. To protect the investment of the buyers and the future of the Rada Quest TCG project, those who sell below 0.9 will be excluded from future airdrops.

Voting Power

@marcosdk and @radaquest vote the contents of the patrons as thanks to their support. You can consult the 3DK Render Discord channel for the advantages of being a patron. This is the currently Voting Power and the communities we support:

1,396 Steem Power2,752 BATTLE Power
206 PAL Power709 GG Power

Stake Goal

The next important goal is to activate stake of the tokens. It takes 1,000 ENG. Current situation:


Exclusive Store Goal

Throughout this week will be available to the public the catalog of exclusive illustrations of Rada Quest in limited edition. Stay tuned!


I am studying the possibility of pay with TARUK in upcoming airdrops for the votes receives in BATTLE, PAL and GG tokens.


You can delegate some SP to support this project

25 SP 50 SP 75 SP 100 SP 200 SP 500 SP 1000 SP 5000 SP


Rada Quest
Discord 3DK Render
Humble Bundle


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Greetings, @radaquest

Can you explain me how this game will work??

thank you

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RADAQUEST va viento en popa, avanzando pasito a pasito cada dia en el mercado de los tokens y en sus diseños, esperamos con ansia su lanzamiento. Gracias por compartir las nuevas noticias. Un abrazo cariñoso y mi apoyo siempre de vuelta! @marcosdk @radaquest


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Hi, to deleate directly to the @radaquest - as I right understand it?

Hi @monsterstamer, the account for delegation is @marcosdk, thanks.

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