Steem Knights - A New game set to hit the Steem blockchain next week!

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Steem Knights

There are several ways to earn with this new game

  • The Pot - Each time you battle, you wager a set amount the winner takes the pot, minus 10%
  • Loyalty - Earn loyalty up to 120% and receive a 20% bonus on your next steem payout.
  • Battle - Earn Knight Emblems for potted battles
  • Referral - Earn a 10% bonus, the more your referee battles the more you will earn.

I will sponser the first 10 people to sign up using my referral link with 1 SBI.


What is SteemKnights?

SteemKnights will be the first-ever 3D mobile multiplayer game on the Steem blockchain, developed by @fivefingergames.

When will the game start

The game will launch on the 28th of September 12:00 UTC.

How to play?

Prepare for action-packed battles on a chess-like battlefield. Position your king and trap. But choose wisely, as you will command forth your pawns to slay the opponent's king and win the battle in the name of your kingdom!


To find out more join their Discord Group

Or use my link and get into the game now!


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This looks great!!! Just what I needed more addiction on the steem blockchain 😁😁😁

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So is the gameplay the same as chess or chess-like? Very cool, thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Not entirely sure yet, looks like a modified version of chess and I do like chess...

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Great! another game to procrastinate on the PC, thank you for sharing
I already registered with your referral link, my friend.


SBI Sent😉

Didn't know about that game. Thank you for sharing this information!

I also registered with your referral link :)

You were the first...


SBI Sent 😉

Thank you! 😍

Very cool to see new games being built on steem :) Hopefully, more to come! Signed up with your link now


SBI Sent😉

Why thank you kind sir, looking forward to the game kicking off soon

Hi, I joined your link, but when I click "play now" nothing happens

The game doesn't start till the 28th.... one more week.

Oh ok! Thanks I liked your idea to donate 1 SBI to use your link, I want to do the same and invite the people from Brazil!

Yeah, go for it!

It's only very new, they will need as many players as possible!


SBI Sent 😉

I have joined with your referral link. I hope it is not too late to join.



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Thanks for the info.
I used your referral link and signed up.
Have an awesome day!

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SBI Share sent 😉

All signed up :)