It's now less than 8 hours till Steemknights launch the first 3D mobile multiplayer game on the Steem blockchain

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Get in quick and I will reward you with two shares of Steem Basic Income

Plus who ever uses my referral and earns the most Knight emblems by post payout will receive an additional 5 SBI


If you still haven't heard about Steem Knights, no need to panic. In fact, if you have not yet signed up... Today is your lucky day!

But first, here is a quick trailer to get you up to speed.

If you want to know more check out the website, this is where the game will be played. However, a mobile version is also on its way. If you would like to join their discord group and get involved with the community click here.

Right, so you know what the game is about. Now you want to know how to get your 2 shares of Steem Basic Income?

  • Firstly sign up using my referral link
  • Next deposit 5 Steem (can be withdrawn at any time, but in each battle, you wager Steem)

    Plus Steem Knights are offering a free blessing for anyone who deposits 5 Steem before the game kicks off. Blessings will give you a percentage boost when earning your Knights Emblems... The blessing will help you immensely with the second part to this giveaway.

Show me a screenshot with your balance (like mine above) and I will send you two shares of Steem Basic Income

You must use my referral to be eligible


The 5 Steem Basic Income bonus...

For each battle won, you will receive Knights emblems. Whoever earns the most Knights Emblems by post payout next week will win the bonus 5 SBI.

To be eligible for the 5 SBI:

  • You must have signed up using my referral
  • You must post a screenshot of your total emblem count

Anyone who has used my referral link will be tagged in a reminder post next week. Once tagged you have 24hrs to submit your screenshot. The person with the highest emblem count wins!

Previously reffered players listed below are all eligible for the 5 SBI bonus also

@mmunited, @drlobes, @shaidon, @steemaction, @rentmoney, @dkid14, @mickvir, @marianaemilia, @chekohler, @darthgexe, @reazuliqbal, @wiriwiri

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Find out more about the 1000 Steem Giveaway click the image above


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I can't wait to test the game. I did my signup last week so sad to hear I never recieve my Rewards hahaha...

If only you had seen my offer and used me as your referral... always the next game 😉

What I mean the rewards is to use your referral hahaha. And I did my 5 STEEM Deposit the hour left for launching 5 HOURS left I think?.

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If this sounds like the sort of group you want to be a part of, click the image below! We're too OP to be put down!


Steem Knight deposit.jpg
This is my Steem Knight 5 Steem deposit.
I can't wait to try this game out.


Awesome stuff, see you on the battle field!

Don't forget 5 SBI for whoever scores the most emblems by the end of the week!


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Don't forget 5 SBI for whoever scores the most emblems by the end of the week!

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Hey @philippekiene, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Thanks, I'll get the next round.

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Hey @beerlover, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

It seems a fun game! nevertheless, doubt I'll try it... too much time spent on Splinterlands already! :)))


Yeah it's a tricky balance between the two, but for now it's paying me 10 steem per day. I initially deposited 10 steem.
The Next payout amount looks small because they haven't refilled the prize pool since today's payout yet.

10 steem a day is not bad at all. Maybe I should read a bit about the rewards mechanism and see if the time spent compensates!