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RE: The Champ Is BACK! (A YourTop3 Entry Post)

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Well well well back to try and reclaim the title hey! Mario is a classic game on NES and SNES but found my love with Mario Kart on the SNES I think! COD is a great franchise too, for me, I got in around World at War time and the zombies survival mode had me hooked there, last one I really got in to was Black Ops 2 though, after that I think they kind of dwindled.

Good luck in the contest!


Mario Kart is awesome ...

I haven't played all the COD games but man I was hooked on those zombies in World at War as well. Lately I been playing a little COD Ghosts. I haven't played the Black Ops games. It was hard picking three as there's so many great games out there.

Haha yeah I know man! As soon as I wrote my 3 and all the comments came in, I was like, oh that one, that one, that one!! Damn, missed a load but we might revisit and do a subset, see what's popular and go from there! Ghosts I found was a little bit slow in the multiplayer but the campaign mode was excellent