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Another awesome steem engine token has launched! You can now earn BATTLE by posting and curating on

Cool fact about BATTLE is that you are entered into a monthly drawing for prizes if you stake 1500 of them. Mainly steem monster prizes right now but it will expand in the future.

Whenever you post about any type of gaming use the tag “battle”.

Good luck.

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Greetings, grand @dkid14

Excelent notice, man!!! I meet @battlegames somedays ago at @steemmonsters tournament. I win a battle there.

Now, i have just 100 battle tokens staked, but, i will grown up this with time....

thank you and have a nice daY!!!!

Good luck getting to 1500

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BATTLE coin has lots of potential and lots of ways to be attained. Curation / content creation and playing in tournaments. Not to mention it can be purchased on the Steem-Engine exchange.

Plus the draw that you mentioned. Lots of good reasons to be holding some BATTLE.

#battle #spt #palnet

Do you get coins even at comments?

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It is a pity that I don't write articles about games, even playing steemmonsters daily. How about a token called COIN? I would love it...

It would be cool if coin was backed by silver and gold.

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I loveeeeeeeee @battlegames