Two Years On // The Strange Compressed Time and Expanded Awareness of Steem


Where did two years go? The blink of an eye, but also, I feel about 12 million Steem years old.

      Last year on my Steemiversary, I wrote a post that I ended up falling madly in love with. I came back to it over and over all year. It somehow took this crazy span of time and crystallized the lessons and the emotional investment in sharing and working here and all it took was scrolling down the page to feel it all again. It became this little totem; good days, bad days, work days, play days — all days, one day. That pretty blue marble is still turning. I'm still here. You might be still here. You might be brand new today. While I believe whole heartedly to always seek a focus on gratitude, to take all these sparkling shards of lessons learned from then to now and to turn them over the bright light of introspection shows me there's been a lot more than just that over the past thirteen moons.

We came through some really convoluted, hard to navigate stuff, as a blockchain, and as people.

      There's a lot we need to fix. This last year has been one that has seemed to throw up wall after wall and left us fumbling in the dark, and each one that we hit has brought as much uncertainty as it has innovation. That used to worry me... where the fuck we'd actually be when today finally got here. But after seeing how many people are still finding beauty and are driven to build and create and share, or all those who are finding ways to iterate to become better, I remember why I want to keep being a witness and a creator and a curator and a friend. So thanks for that.

There have been some incredibly bright lights that have arisen, and seeing how little I posted over the year has given me a chance to analyse why that is.

      Looking at how much Steem was a focus is only half of it. I did a lot of work on learning to take care of myself and value the less crazy moments, which has been a norm since diving into the blockchain world.

      Little things have become big things, big things have become little things. I've had huge shifts in my perspective. I've had an entire ecosystem full of people who have showed up to hear me talk or tell me what they think, because they value that I'm listening or communicating. That is mind boggling, and probably the most important thing that I have to remember every day, because value — whether you agree on it or not — is assigned for a reason. Everything has edges to it, and being here and accountable has taught me that you often have to soften those edges on what you take in and what you put out to make sure you're doing the best job you can in understanding or conveying a message. Every now and then, being raw and unfiltered and honest about what you are and what you want is even more important. So thank you for that.

With all of the love and the fun and the beauty and the investment in the people and tech, inevitably, my heart has been crushed.

      Getting as involved as I have here, as with anything, has opened me to some serious disappointment. Anger. Frustration. There are times when things seem so completely, agonizingly surreal that we've thought about giving up. And yet... the blocks roll on. The ideas keep flowing. The hopes keep hoping. The complainers keep complaining. All of those things stem from passion. So thanks for that.

The amount of people who have grown from an avatar to a friend, coworker, frenemy motivator, or flesh and blood inspiration makes my head spin.

      Continuing that trend of connecting the digital to the real is an important part of all of... whatever this is, I think. This next year I want to do more of that. I want to see where intersecting these two takes my personal development, Steem development, community development. It turns out I love broadcasting and being a dj and writing silly scripts and teaching people and learning how to make blocks do the beep and the boop and the thing. I want to hug so many of you while drunk and we spiral around this marble again and again, powered by whatever drives each of us internally. So thanks for that.

More than anything, I marvel at how fast it all went, but how it's all frozen here for me to look back on.

      Permanent, transparent, unchanging, and immutable. My actions on this platform speak for themselves, and the experiences locked here in my words speak for me. Beyond the unshakable friendships and the unknowable potential, remembering that each time I record here it suddenly belongs to the whole world and belongs to a change in the way we approach entire components of our lives, I am glad I have stayed. Wherever you might be in your journey here, remember why you began exploring in the first place. It is wholly because of you — us — the creators, the consumers, the investors, the developers, and the dreamers.

So thanks for that.


These photos and words are my own work, inspired by travels all over this pretty blue marble of ours. I hope you like them. 🌶️


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And even better... tonight, I have a FullForce Radio show, with no plans other than to enjoy all that we've built and some good company. What are the odds that happens two years in a row? Come join me.

I stumbled on your radio show the other day and absolutely loved it.
The complete lack of filter thing can really backfire on disingenuous people; but when you're authentic and sweet, and trust the audience its just so ridiculously endearing. Wouldn't be the same chain without you.

This is quite likely the nicest thing anyone has said about the well-meaning trainwrecks that I've settled into comfortably here. It's true, I don't have a great filter, and it's doubly true that I trust my audience because they are the reason that I do the shows in the first place. I don't know how to be any other way, but I think that people can and will overlook a lot if you level with them to the best of your ability. Sometimes that means saying "I don't know," or making fun of yourself a bit. Not-seriously seriously is my own little way to try to help people see a little more of the world, whether it's tech or music or just a crazy lady yelling in her home studio. Thank you for taking the time to write this, it means a lot.

Hey crim, Happy anniversary my dear. And thanks for being simply wonderful. Wherever you are you are making things look better and shine brighter.
Thanks alot

well, that was a lovely thing to wake up to. Thank you for being you! (and for keeping Bucky occupied 😂)

@crimsonclad. It's been a pretty amazing two years on steem. Thanks alot for the radio shows even if you dont post alot you are surely thought about in the community. Just call it off chain interaction... keep teaching people how blocks make the beep and boops.

I tried to curate your post with helpiecake but it said it was unable to do that.. oh well.

I suck at comments today so just pretend I said what everyone else will say, in my own words.

You expressively swirled up Ned's dick and delivered universes beyond mere words.

The legend of Dick Swirler.

You trying to impede on my dick game bro? >:O

You can still be Dick Twirler.

But you usually don't say what others say :)

I'm trying something new!

It's overrated.

Hey Crim,
Happy steemiversary to you. You really are a gem. I haven't had the pleasure of listening to your radio show yet. But going by your followership and the kind words said about you, I know that you rock!!!!
I have had a chance to chat with you on discord when I first joined the steemit family and I still remember your words of advice and the way you made me "feel at home". That for me would always be special.
You truly are an angel on blockchain.

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Happy steemit anniversary to you! and to me too!
I'm here also for two years now, I found that your post reflects so much of what i consider to be the reasons why i keep logging in to steemit, allow me to consider the fact of founding you my present and the subsequent following by me yours... thank you for sharing!

I just listened to your MSP WAVES broadcast and had to come look up your blog. You gave an amazing program and I'll be listening much more often! I love your fresh and undiluted style. And there are some amazing pictures in this post.

Thanks! these are all pictures taken from my posts over the past year. I totally appreciate you came to tell me about the broadcast! It's quickly becoming a huge part of my on chain services and I love it very much, but it does feel like a sort of personal meeting or exposition, so there's always that voice of doubt in the back of my mind... like when I pronounce something wrong... or you know.... lock myself in my studio live on air 😂😂😂


hahah, I don't have kids, but I sometimes feel a bit like a mother hen on here, so I know what you mean. I often joke that Steem/discord are the internet bermuda triangle. You get in there, time gets beyond fucky, and people on the outside really aren't sure where you are~ 😂😂😂

Joyeux Steemanniversaire ma belle crim! Moi et Seb on tenais à te dire qu'on t'aime fort et qu'on pense à toi! And even if we're not always super active/present at times, steemit still feels like a second home and you are part of the reason why this place is important to us. Two years of epic moments, epic adventures, new friendships and much hope for the years to come! Can't wait to see you again! Much love going your way and keep on rockin' \m/

I have been here just over 2 years too. Happy I found this little corner of the World,

Congrats! Two years really is a big deal when we're so early in this journey~ I hope you have years and years more to explore all the stuff that makes your Steem yours 🖤

It is my steemnaversary too this month of June and happy anniversary to you. Let us all enjoy the blockchain. :D

really enjoyed your shows over the years. i wish you the best. maybe one day i'll see you in meatspace. until then, over and out.

thank you, friendo~ It is always possible... a full year without personal travel is not a good look for me! You guys will have to have the instapot ready when it happens :)

It's been an interesting two years for sure, you lived about 5 in that time period my friend :-) Here's to more memories and more fun.

indeed! two years and two meetups, we're actually doing pretty good~ probably enough drinking for approximately five, yes...

Happy Steem Birthday!!! :) Or whatever you want to call it! I've seen 3 survivors from your starting day today!

I basically make up useless portmantaued words all the time, so why not now! I actually have to thank @drakos for reminding me that I should be mindful and thankful for surviving another year deep in the trenches.

It does seem like historically, today was a good burst of spammy account creation day~

dudeeee happy steemiversary!!! It's about time ;)

Hahah, if I found a way to catch up to you you should probably be pretty worried, what with the time travel and the tech impossibilities and such 😁

Happy 26 moons on steem!
I actually thought that you were here longer than me, but I started in May of 2017...not that 1 month is much different...

Steem years are like dog years, so I'm pretty sure that means that that makes you about seven months more wise or so, lol~

Gooble gobble gooble gobble, one of us.

smashes table excitedly

Thank you for suggesting that I'm likely to possess a big ol' lady dick!

Somewhat of a big dick energy wizard.. You have tha power!

Wow, you have been here only a few months longer than me! But in Steem years, that's a lot...

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hahah, right? Steem years, dog years... but congrats to you too! the people who have stuck it out have seen some shit. You've earned your cred :D

Congratulations on this significant steemit milestone. Wish you every success.

Happy 2nd Anniversary! With your whiskey and my wine, cheers to many more years to come. :D

thank you, Kubby! a magical two years it has been, too 🖤

Congratulations and thanks for always supporting steem great STEEMIAN.

Thanks for dropping by to say so! I appreciate it 🖤

Two years for me as well! Congrats! What a strange ride. Thank goodness PalNet is here!

Not where I thought I'd be two years in, and yet, kind of the most exciting thing yet 🖤

Congratulations on being here and being engaged for two years!

Cool that we have achieved the same rep score too!

Dear @crimsonclad

I just visited your account to see if you published anything new only to realize that you seem to give up on Steemit? :(

Hope you're not done with this platform yet.


I'm never done 😊

I'm always here helping and building and teaching and connecting~ you and I have even spoken directly this week so I could help you understand a few things better! It is pretty normal for me to go a month or so without posting. Between witness and community work, educating, curating, and 5 hours a week minimum of entertainment/Steem educational live streaming, I don't get as much time as I like to post. If you take a look at my voting, or around most communities, you'll see I'm more alive and working harder than ever.

I get that my blog looks pretty sparse. It makes me a bit sad, too. I came to Steem to share photos and stories and I know I'm damn good at it. However, over the last two years, my dedication to Steem and the people who make it great have put me on another path, and that means really long days and nights more often than not behind the scenes. I don't post selfies or about myself very often, so I imagine that people may not feel like they "know" me and I don't capitalize on "personality as product." I don't post my live shows because I do two a week and it feels a bit like farming or spamming. When I look at what needs to be done and what I feel will best help others and Steem, for me, posting ends up getting shuffled way down the list of priorities. To feel like I'm earning my witness pay and to do my best to put value into the ecosystem, I am lucky enough to have built ways to do that which don't require me to post constantly to earn- even just curating others takes up a lot of my time. This is good and bad~ I miss the simple days of blogging and posting a lot.

With all that being said, I believe in my heart that even when I'm not posting a lot on chain, or earning crazy post rewards with my work, or not being known because I don't put my face out there, that it is absolutely worth it. Most people don't know who I am, and some days I wonder if I'm doing this all correctly, but I like to think the ones who do have had a good interaction with me. Community building and Steem education are my best ways to bring value to this blockchain. It is selfish too- it makes me feel good, and each person I can help become a better part of this ecosystem makes Steem stronger for all of us.

So thank you for checking in on me. I can very much assure you that I don't give up easily, and posting is the only thing I've ever slowed down on... with excellent reason. It's just one great metric among so many facets of what makes Steem as awesome as it is~ and I've got two solid years behind me, with many more to come.

#wow its awesome

WOW, Just had my 2nd as well, (5/11/17) and I realized that you BURST onto my feed, I said "This adept and attractive young lady is a great supporter" and I know you helped me STAY Around and become Successful in STEEM! Bless You, @crimsonclad, bringer of candy and doots! I've seen many lovely pix of you, I'm surprised that you went OPSEC in this particular celebratory post...

<3 CRIMMI <3

to a hundred more ;P

Thank you, but I'll only do 100 more years if we can get cool pancake powered robot bodies. It's a risky operation, but it think its worth it.

Happy anniversary my dear.Wish you a better luck in near future in steem block-chain.Hopefully you will be always with steem.

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remember when you first knew about felt so cool

This is such a beautiful post, @crimsonclad, it makes me cry. I wish I saw it when you posted it. Congrats, belatedly, on your steemiversary! Yes, it is a wild ride here, full of the complete gamut of emotions. I surf across the waves and try not to do let the sharks get me. I believe in the long-term viability of Steem. I hope you do too!

Whoa we both joined Steemit on the exact same day...
You- Created 2017-06-13, 11:17
Me- Created 2017-06-13, 13:44

Looks like you beat me by two and a half hours. I was on vacation in Las Vegas and had just gotten back haha!

Also, hooray for gingers :P

Congratulations on being an active and supportive member of Steemit for two years! It’ll be three years for me in July and I have no regrets for sticking around.

I love how you said avatar to a friend! That’s how I feel about several people here on Steemit. I have been blessed to develop real authentic friendships with whom I converse with outside of Steemit. Thank you for all of the witness work you do, I can imagine how stressful and challenging that job could be. I thank you for sticking around and being here.

I have seen a lot of the ups and downs being here since the beginning, a few months after Steemit launched in 2016. I have managed to be here part-time being a stay at home mom that homeschools five children, it’s impossible for me to give my all full time. But with the time I do have here, I enjoy it and have found communities, founded a community (@needleworkmonday) that I love dearly and look forward to my time chatting, posting, mingling and curating. I’m here for the long haul as well :)

I love all of your photos!!! 💗