Gyrocopter Flight From Ronda To Dalaguete, South Cebu, Philippines - Part 1

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Hi #Hive,

Anybody up for a gyrocopter flight? Hop on, we're going to pick up a part at Casay airstrip in Dalaguete.

A few days ago, one of the 3 solenoid valves used for the rotor's pre-rotation while on the ground and before take off failed. I identified the problem and replaced the defective part. Now, I don't have any on stock in case another fails. I contacted a friend who takes care of the maintenance of some gyrocopters in Dalaguete on the east side of the cebu island. He confirmed that he had several on stock and he could sell me one. We agreed that I would fly to Casay airstrip where he is located to purchase the valve from him.

If I was to go to Casay airstrip by land, the return journey would take me around 3h. Considering that the return trip would only take me 30 minutes if I was to fly a straight line between the 2 airstrips, the decision was quickly made.

I thought it could be a good idea to take you on the journey with me so I brought my camera. Here are some of the shots I took along the way.

Lined up at the end of the runway and ready for take off!

On our climb after take off

Turning around to head to the east. Here you can see the airstrip we just took off from with the hangar and the runway on its right

All good on the instruments. We're at 1360ft high and cruising at 115km/h

We are starting to see the sea and Bohol in the background

Looking back towards Badian and Moalboal. We can distinguish Pescador islands, the tiny dot on the sea almost on the center of the pictures

The south cebu "mountain" range. Osmeña peak, the highest summit of South Cebu is somewhere in there 🙂

Almost on the east coast. Bohol can be seen on the horizon.

Reaching the valley in the middle of the mountain range.

Everything is still good. Cruising at 2860ft high and 120km/h.

The town of Argao on the seashore and Bohol in the background

Life in the valley

Life in the valley

This was an unusual sight very close to Casay Airstrip. I've flown there many times, but don't remember seeing it before.

Here is Casay airstrip which is an old abandoned airstrip. It is now mostly used by people teaching their family members to drive a car.

This is it. The journey took 15 minutes and I was able to meet my friend and get the part.

I'll show you the pictures from the return trip in part 2. I had some interesting sights on the way back but you'll have to come back to know what they were 🙂


WAAAAAAAAAA! The view is crazy. This is something I would love to cross off my bucketlist - fly an aircraft. This literally made me take a step back only to look much closer. The ultimate freedom of being high up in the air!

I am very interested in doing this. Tell me, how do you avail of one of these? And Do you need training on how to maneuver the gyrocopter? How much will that cost me? I'm sorry for the queries but I am literally putting this on my bucket list.

I didn't get into flying until 10 years ago and that was when I started paragliding.
I always had a desire to fly but I always assumed it was hard and expensive. That second part is probably true depending on the kind of aircraft you're flying.

Paragliding is a great way and the cheapest one at that to start flying. The drawback is that you need a hill or mountain to make use of the winds and be able to stay longer in the air. Training + equipment would cost you between php200k and php250k.

Paramotoring is the next step. It is the same thing as paragliding but you are strapped to an engine with a propeller. This allows you to take from from any flat location and fly anywhere you want. Cost is higher at around php500k for equipment and training.

The disadvantage with Paragliding and paramotoring is that you are limited to flying early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the wind is not turbulent due to the midday heat.

To fly a gyrocopter, you need to go through a training which takes a minimum of 20h. Depending on the student's ability to learn, it may take up to 40h. The most important phases of the flight are the take offs and landings, so this is where a good part of the training is focused. Overall it isn't complicated and it's a safe aircraft to fly around. Cost wise, 20h of training would cost around php150k to php200k. Once you are fully trained, you can start flying on your own, but for that you'd have to rent a gyrocopter at an hourly cost or purchase your own which is quite expensive.

I hope that answers your question 🙂

Check out the views in part 2 as well

Thank you for stopping by

It did answer my question. Thanks so much for taking time to answer my questions. I will definitely look into this extreme sport. I reblogged your post for future purposes. I'm sure this will come in handy someday.

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Interesting! I was like, "Woah! This is the view from the top?" Excited for Part 2! I wish I could have a similar experience one day. I'm sure I'll be grinning from ear to ear. Nice one!

I never get tired of the view, even though I've seen it many times. This flight despite being only 15 minutes was great.It was a bit cloudy and not so hot which made it quite pleasant.
Almost all my passengers do have a big smile on their face when we are back on the ground 🙂

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