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RE: The Sun saying Farewell to the Day

in #autumnphotography10 months ago

This is Stacie D, co founder of Inner Blocks. It looks like the discord server is not the right place for you. Maybe in the future as our project progresses you might find something useful. Until then, we wish you the best. If you would like to be put on our "do not curate" list, please let me know. We do not wish for you to feel obligated in any way.


So, what did I do? I just don't like being called to come look for an AT everyone tag.
It's the same with all servers.
Y'all sent me the invite, several times in fact.
I have PTSD, it makes me very short tempered, and OCD about a lot of stuff.

I understand your difficulties. For any server you have joined, there are notification settings to customize your experience. It might be helpful to look into that. Good luck with everything!

I was actually aware of them, but had forgotten because of my day.
When you said that in the last comment, I was on my way there to
Change my settings, but I was no longer there, of the icon for
The server was gone, so I hope things work out for you too.