Atom Collector Records Tuesday Selection

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Check out this selection of awesome independent musicians who use Show them your support by leaving a comment and you may get some #CC too!

Joy by @tlundy47

Intimate and laid-back, this song is rich with melodies that seem into the brain. The Piano/Keyboard is the main focal point of this catchy tune. An original instrumental song written, recorded, composed, arranged, edited, produced, mixed, mastered and performed by Trenton Lundy.

Scheherazade by @skeeboo

song without lyrics by @thresholdoffaith


The Future by @man60360

"The future" is one of the first tracks I composed using the software "Magix Musik Maker (MMM)". The sounds come from the virtual synthesizer delivered with MMM, and also "Synth1", a very good free synthesizer. I then added some samples, and then I used MMM’s "text to speech" function for the lyrics.

Robot by thommo

Sketch and Jam by @sketch.and.jam

Some improvisations on my cigar box guitar, drums and other stringed instruments.


Just Instrumental

HAVOC by MPinc

Lost Quarter by @indusrush

A political song really which started out about Iraq and the sanctions against them, but over time it wasn't relevant anymore, so I changed the lyrics to fit the current situation when I recorded it. So it's a bit of an anti Isis song now, but also pointing the finger at the U.S. for creating the problem in the first place. I wrote the song when I lived in Koh Samui, and it was written to play live at that time, but I think we only played it once. I don't really like the song much as it sounds dated, and more like a 70's

Arcturus Minor by Mysterioso

This piece is built on the idea of drones as stasis and time as a fixed grid. Stretching time then changes the auditioned perspective of the drone.

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Very cool , I finally managed to do an "Atom Collector Record" selection post myself today, we must try to promote even more music 😀 IMO ~ $trdo

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Yes we must! If you have any ideas please let me know. !BEER

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