Don’t Pack in Like Sardines When You Are Campin’...

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Use ~ Private people with property willing to let you set up camp and enjoy some time by Yourself


Most RV style camp grounds have everyone so close together when your neighbor farts you can smell it... sounds exactly like the new subdivisions they build these days. This is the second time I have rented a camping site from and I haven’t been disappointed. So if you find all the campgrounds full Give a try... just like we are giving @w-splatts a try at breakfast.



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I also want to camp.. far away.. forever..

🤣😂 I totally agree 😉

Now I first have to survive the winter..

How'd that breakfast turn out? I'm always trying to be cheap and go for dispersed camping, how's hipcamp pricewise?

It varies depending on location and what facilities they provide. I rented one for $25 a night when we went salmon fishing. No electricity but they had fresh water. The one pictured was a little pricey, but they provided wood for the fire, close access to walking paths to the beach, and big time privacy. My kids could be as loud as they wanted. Also we had some deer creeping around in a grassy meadow down below at night... the kids were a bit scared at first until I lit them up and found out what was down there.

Lookin awesome! Pure freedom :D