A Day To Relax...

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I swear, it seems like I have been going non-stop for a long time. It’s tough for me to look past things that need to get done. Yet, realizing it can actually wait until another day is something I have to convince myself to do. Hey, I don’t like being lazy... So what?!? Lol. Welp, today I forced myself to have a chillax lazy day.


Well my daughter and I have been doing a bit of binge watching of Stranger Things. Umm ya... strange is right. Close the blinds, grab a blanket and get comfy on the couch. Don’t forget to turn on the ceiling fan to add a chill in the air to make a blanket a necessity.


Dang!!! It’s dinner time!! I better go whip something up. Mama Splatts is hanging with her sister tonight.... Looks like a fish sticks and fries night... with mixed veggies of course. Lol


Your Random
Dose of...


Yesterday was my RARE chill day. We need those, way more often than we take it. I feel you and am the same, I rarely take time to just relax. It is too easy to find myself on the next project staring me in the face.

I totally hear ya!!! It seems like every time I finish one project another pops up. Or I get some crazy idea about building something to make things a little easier. Just like the other day. My son and I were brainstorming where to move the spare tire on our camp trailer so we could build a bike rack for the back of the camper. Welp, there is another project on the to-do list. Lol

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chill day is important day

Good for you, nothing like a chill day.

Dang it!! I need notifications!! I always miss replies. How are things in your neck of the woods? It’s hot over here. 100+ all week.