Tree Tuesday ~ "Si seulement je pouvais parler Francais..." ~

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P1350802-2 185kb lighter.jpg

Rêve rêveur au bord de l'eau

(Wistful Dreaming By Water's Edge)

"If Only I Could Speak French..."

...and be famous, and be an Impressionist. Oh, and paint. Ah, the larger than life dreams of said-such life. But we cannot all speak a cool, artsy language, and have talents that rival the old French masters. But we CAN buy a camera. With as much 'free film' as one could ask for. Or at least until the card gets full.

And we ALL have impressions, concerning the wonders we see around us every day. So, why not? It's the same thing, at least in my book. And since I cannot paint worth a hoot, unless it's the side of the garage, DO own a camera, and have been called highly impressionable at times...maybe these lofty dreams are not that far out of reach. In this world of the finer arts.

Onward, To My Impressions

The images you see below were all taken on an evening bike ride along the river bike path. The wind was rippling the water quite nicely, as were some of the local floating wildlife, and the visual imagery and artistic action was stunningly spectacular. OK, I suppose I get a bit carried away by the nift of it all. But it WAS pretty cool.

The trees, clouds and waning light of the evening sky reflected on the waters, and as the waves gently moved across my viewfinder, the imagery reminded me of the Impressionist paintings I've seen on museum walls in MoMA, the Smithsonian and other fine art galleries of the world. I was Impressed.

So, WITH further ado, peruse on, into the burgeoning world of the American Digital Impressionist Movement.

~ § ~

P1350818-2 238kb.jpg

Des géants touffus à la lumière déclinante

(Clumpy Giants In Waning Light)

~ § ~

P1350814-1 226kb.jpg

Canards colvert sur toile aqueuse

(Mallard Tracks Upon Watery Canvas)

~ § ~

P1350805-2 199kb.jpg

Rêve rêveur au bord de l'eau - À travers des lunettes impressionnistes françaises de couleurs sépia

(Wistful Dreaming By Water's Edge-Through Sepia Colored French Impressionist Glasses)

~ § ~

P1350811-3 229kb.jpg

Canards colvert sur toile aqueuse - À travers des lunettes impressionnistes françaises de couleurs sépia

(Mallard Tracks Upon Watery Canvas - Through Sepia Colored French Impressionist Glasses)

~ § ~

P1350819-1 153kb.jpg

Impressionniste Français - Enfoncer le déclencheur à un mauvais moment

(French Impressionist - Pushing Shutter Button At Wrong Time)

~ § ~

P1350829-2 172kb.jpg

La vraie vie toujours la vie - Sans aqueux reflet de l'impressionnisme

(Real Life Still Life - Without Watery Reflection Of Impressionism)


~ Finto ~

( :

Author's Note: I realized after putting this out, I didn't say all that much about trees. And since this IS a Tree Tuesday post, I have included a short poem below, in deference to these 'missing' trees. It just seems like the right thing to do. Plus, Google translate said I could. Cheers to more trees.

Ode Numérique aux Arbres Aquatiques

Je pense que je ne verrai jamais,
un poème aussi beau qu'un arbre.
Et des arbres, dans ce ruisseau?
De quelle vue, je viens de prendre?

Je souhaite que je pourrais prendre stylo,
et de telles lignes, zen poétique.
Mais toute cette rime, cette poésie,
n'est pas en place, au fond de moi.
Ces lignes bardes, si grandes, ravies,
Doit sortir de moi, tout pixelisé.


Translated To English

Thank you, Joyce Kilmer, for the first two lines of my 'poem'.

Digital Ode To Watery Trees

I think that I shall never see,
a poem as lovely as a tree.
And of trees, in yonder brook?
Of whose view, I just took?

I wish that I could take up pen,
and coin such lines, poetic zen.
But all this rhyme, this poetry,
is not in place, deep down in me.
Those bard-ish lines, so grand, elated,
Shall spring from me, all pixel-ated.


Tree Tuesday, By @old-guy-photos

Author's Note²: I deeply apologize to anyone from the French speaking countries, if I've bludgeoned your lovely language to smithereens in the above translations. You may blame Google Translate and the interpreter (moi), if I have made a mess of things. (If anyone out there DOES know the true translations, as they 'should be', I'd LOVE to hear about it. And change it to proper correctness. Thank you.

P1260029-1 157kb happy sun blue 94kb.jpg

Thanks for stopping in and viewing Tree Tuesday through French Impressionist wannabe eyes. If you have any thoughts about trees, trees in different visual form, French Impressionist paintings and photography, paddling ducks making waves across your images, or anything else this post reminds you of, please feel free to comment away in the spaces below. I'd love to hear from you.

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Excerpts From Late-Night Conversations With A Mechanical Cat

Fact Number 156

Ode to Nov 2 REDUX 2018 Little Kitty Toes1.PNG

Ode to Nov 2 REDUX 2018 Little Kitty Toes2.PNG


I'm not very good with french because my "r" are silent like a good puerto rican! 😅

Hmm, I figured you might roll your 'r's, then again, I took Spanish about 87 years ago. Is the roll what is called a silent r? Then again, I couldn't speak a lick of French if I had to, and if not for Google Translator. So maybe I'm all wet here...

Yeah, we call it "silent" cause we do say it but is like we don't. The same happens with the "s". Dunno why.... so, imagine when I was trying to learn french and chinese... the r and s was a huge deal for me... and I ended quitting cause it was barely impossible. Didn't wanted to end up cursing someone without even noticing cause my r and s are silent :|

First of all, I would like to tell you that I studied French for three years when I was in high school and studied Spain for 1 year when I was in university...... But, that's very long time ago and I forgot them all now! Just only a few words of French that I can recognize; i.e. merci beaucoup (thank you very much), je t'aime ( I love you), comment allez vous (how are you?), eau (water), etc. ;D..... I think, French is one of the most beautiful languages in the World.

Your photos of the reflection of the trees, clouds and sky on the river look like paintings indeed. Excellent artwork with wonderful dream!

The colors of sunlight on the clouds, especially in the last photo, are really gorgeous. Great shot!

I totally agree with you, "we ALL have impressions, concerning the wonders we see around us every day". I love to take photos of everything, especialy nature, around me, too. ;)

That's cool. Though I can related. As I told BL above, I took Spanish long ago. And can't remember much of it. Like you say, hello, goodbye, where's the bathroom. All the small, important stuff. I wish I knew French. It IS such a gorgeous language. But alas, only English. And I'm not always all that great with that ( :
Glad you enjoyed my photos. I see so many fun things on my bike rides. There's ALWAYS something to 'shoot', as you say. It's everywhere. The fascination. Have a nice day, my friend.

Ah! I'm glad to hear that you took Spanish, too. And you are certainly better than me, I cannot even remember these words.... Ha ha! ;D

You are lucky that you use "English" as mother language. This can help you get in touch with many people around the world! Really great......

For me, I'm not good at any languages! That's so sad! ;(

"The fascination".... Right word! I agree.

Have a wonderful night, GFF! ;)

I so wish we were more into other languages in the US. I think since so much of the business and politics of the world are in English, we kind of coast on it. I'd love to really KNOW another language. Whatever it might be. But when young, in general, at least where I grew up, the importance wasn't stressed. It's actaully a bit sad. So many people in other countries know two or more languages. I think @ocrdu knows English better than me. And I've met many folks that know 2 to 5 languages. Amazing.
I think I've asked you this before, but you do so well with English. Do you have to translate all of your English to Thai and back? Or do you do it in English and then 'fix' or 'tweak' it with a translator. Whatever you do, you do it well.

Ah! I also think, people who know several languages are very genius and I always admire them. Yeah! Really amazing, as you said.

With regard to English language, when I was a student, I learned that there are two English types; English style and American style. The English style is more difficult than American style. I think, that's why you think @ocrdu knows English better than you. Am I right?

Um! I think, I know why you asked me several times on my English! It's because my English is odd and not like any other people, right? Ha ha! ;D

Regarding to your questions;

"Do you have to translate all of your English to Thai and back?" Sometimes!

"Do you do it in English and then "fix" it with a translator?" Ah! Yes, you have good guess. Yes, I do like this on my articles or some long comments, like this one! I think in English and write in English first and then translate it into Thai to make sure whether it's okay or not. I know that my English is not good but I'm very glad every time you or other Steemian friends understand me and we can talk together happily... That's really great for me.

I sincerely thanks for your kind words, "Whatever you do, you do it well". This can encourage me very much. YOU ARE MY GOOD FRIEND FOREVER.... ;))))

You may have a point. Though I couldn't explain it as well as ocrdu. Then again, if you have to study it, you know the rules. If you just lived it forever and a day, you don't know WHY the X, Y, and Z of it are correct, it just IS. And using it for writing stories and posts, helps to solidify the correctness. A little bit.

You do remarkably well on here, and I have noticed your English has gotten much better over time. (Not that it was ever bad, but has gotten to flow much much more in time.) It is NOT odd. I cannot even fathom what my Thai would look like. Goodness gracious, as my GM used to say. But congratulations on a LOT of work getting to where you are in English. I can't imagine ever doing such things. I think maybe I am inherently lazy. * Large Sigh.* Yes, Good Friends Forever, and onwards, into the Steem. I SO hope this site stays onboard. I love it here. (Though I would get more DONE, if I didn't have it, but wouldn't want it any other way.) I HAVE thought about making a separate email address on Gmail and giving it to all my SteemPeeps, so we can stay in contact, if the site ever goes down. Think I shall get on that, one day soon. Cheers to a wonderful night my friend.

Yeah! I absolutely agree with you, "using it for writing stories and posts, helps to solidify the correctness". I learned new things from you every day. Thanks so much.

Again, I'm very happy to hear that you have noticed my English has gotten much better over time. Ah! I can say that you are among the ones who help me on this.... Many thanks!!

I SO hope this site stays onboard, too. And I love it and our friends here, too..... Um! Good idea to make a separate email address on Gmail and give it to all our SteemPeeps, so we can stay in contact, I agree. In the meantime, I still believe in Steemit and I think, this site will go to the moon soon....

Have a sweet dream, GFF! ;)

That soft time of night/day when the clouds are just tinged pink but the sky still looks a light blue - that is the perfect time. I love the transitions between day and night, and yet have a hard time with change. Most the time change is really beautiful, despite the fear of it. It looks like the most peaceful of bike rides at day/night change time.

The mallard track is quite lovely, and I like that last one. For an instant the eye gets confused. Are the trees in the place they should be, or are those pink clouds upside down pink mountains?

Love the French titles - nice touch :)

That is a lovely, very peaceful time of the day. Always fascinates me that every night is a bit different. I feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy it along a river on a bike path. I never GET anywhere fast, because I'm always stopping to click away, but I figure that's what it's there for. Clicking away AT.
I can relate a bit to day into night, though it's more from the need to keep an eye out for the folks living in the bushes. I go fast, most times, to avoid any odd bodkin 'conversations'.

Glad you enjoyed the topsy turvy world there. It was really intense in person. A bit dizzying. The French was fun, but I'm waiting for someone to correct my grammar. I think Google thought some of my odd duck words don't exactly fit into the flowy vernacular.

There is a small tribe of people all over the world that are fascinated by sunsets. Transfixed. I'm not sure what we are after. Do we just like pretty colors? Hard to say...

I'm definitely one of the tribe members. My family has perched many a time at sunset on the western beaches of your fair state, and watched in rapt attention for the coveted Green Flash.
I think this is multi-fold stuff. The wonderful color palette, late in the day relaxation at it's ebb, and an overall reminder of the dawn and drop of life.
Or, we just like it.
Deep stuff for a Wednesday in July...

It is lovely even on the eastern side of my state where you can't see it go down, but the colors all turn muted against the water and for a few minutes everything is magical.

I think you've got all the reasons listed. And it is also a bit addicting I think.

Un travail bien fait

A job well done!

Seriously is that to the magic of photography. I allows us to become as close as possible to the true artists! All kidding aside, those are as we say, not too shabby!

Some of the purist disagree, but I have always felt that digital manipulation is just an extension of the art. I dont think for a moment that the masters would not try new methods or new paints.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed them. I do all my 'work' on a large monitor. Are these a bit dark? I'm assuming you view on a phone. Seems that's what many folks to. But these were quite dark as they were, as it was late, and it's hard to lighten them, without monkeying them up. There was very little to no color added to them. It was an amazing sky.

I've always struggled with that manipulation thing. When is a bunch of addition/subtraction no longer true photography. Digital makes it a lot easier than the old dodge and burn, that's for sure. Though as you say, it's all artistic in nature. And why put out an image that stinks. No one wants to see that.

But digital makes it so easy also to's FREE. So it is so much easier to take good photos up front. And you can preview. Though I seldom do, I just fill the card, + and - exposing away. Makes for less monkeying about later on. Though sorting is a timely endeavor. I think it took me over a week to go through and do all the photos for the SnOwregon debacle extravaganza. As you say, the old time masters would no doubt done whatever it takes, to make their art as good as possible. A fine line indeed for the purist in us.

Wow, I sort of went on there like I'm talking about a fanny pack. Those small passions of life, I suppose. BTW, how IS that new pack holding up? Well, take it easy, signed, Sir Babbleiferous himself

Oh no I don't use a phone unless I have to. Buddy I am on my old Samsung TV! All 46 inches of it lol. That gives me the chance to do a post about my space I work in. I think that might be interesting.

I figured these were evening so not too dark. Here is how it looks to me


It would be fascinating to see where you play, designed as work. That's Incred (I'm attempting to be cool here...), a huge 46 inch TV. Good idea. My monitor isn't that large It's probably a 24" Something or other. (There's so many sticky notes around the bottom edge, reminding me of the 'how to's' of Steemit, that I can't read the name. ) But to coin cereal box Tony, "It's GRee-eaaaat". Can't imagine creating on a phone. Would drive me batty, plus couldn't use my spiffy Ergo keyboard.

Thanks for the look on the screen. I often wonder, my tablet makes them darker, but think it's because I turn it down to not blast my eyes. Many Steemit folks are not quite as non-young as us, and probably don't mind the brightness. Then again, I still use a flip phone. So a probable nevermind is in order.

I was going to do a post on my work desk, but HH suggested against it. I think it probably looks like I'm still stuck in kindergarten. But no doubt yours would be cool to see. I'm pretty sure you're at least up to High School in organizational skills. Cheers my friend.

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