DIY| Recycle & Re-use: “Decorative Beer-day Cake Presentation”

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Hello Steemit!

I was away for a week here because of my health problem but thank God I am now feeling better and for my first post of the week, I am going to share my DIY birthday cake decor idea that I made for Hubby’s birthday yesterday.

This birthday birthday beer & cake presentation style is super easy to make, I didn’t spend any money for this decoration, just my precious 2 and half hours of creativity because aside from the Heinekens, monster drinks and football theme cake that I bought because I already have all the materials needed for this project.

This DIY will surely add a touch of fun and make your special day more special.
Let’s go and make it!


Blank paper/ Magazine
glossy cloth material
black and red Sharpie

12 pcs. can beers
6 pcs Monster
birthday cake

Happy Birthday Wrap

  1. I draw the “happy birthday, Paul”, The “Liverpool Football Club logo” and the chant ”Allez3x!” in a bond paper and cut it out.

  2. I then taped it in a magazine with abstract colors and cut out.

  3. I paste the letterings in an unused red ribbon material cloth and cut it out like a sash.

Cardboard Base

  1. I measure and cut out a styrofoam and cardboard from one of the unused boxes then cover it with the remaning wall paper from my previous DIY decorative furniture stand.

Beer-day Cake Tier Assemble

  1. I place the 6 monster drinks in the center forming a round cake shape then followed the Heinekins.

  2. I wrap the the drinks with the happy birthday sash, place the cardboard above the Monster drinks then the cake and walah! Instant 3 tier football themed birthday cake.

I’m so pleased of this DIY outcome and of course the LFC fanatic birthday celebrant too!


Note: You can also make 2 to 3 layers of canned drinks of your choice before the cake by using more extra hard cardboards to support the beer cans. If the cardboard is not hard enough, I think the 3rd layer canned beers will fall.

I hope you enjoy this fun DIY birthday decor idea! Until next time!
All contents are mine unless stated otherwise.

Cool banners by @qurator

Have a joyful day Steemian!


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@joyrobinson. That was such a fun article, you had all of my attention from beginning to end. Thanks for tagging @artzone. You see this, @splatz?

Thanl you for the appreciation @dandays!
It was fun!

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Yo Yo I am on it. Thanks for the call out!!

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That is so cool!
Thank you @splatz!

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What a fabtastic idea and only one thing missing. You should have asked hubby to wear his Liverpool Tshirt.
Happy Birthday Paul. "Allez"

Yeah, next time
Allez3x! 🎶🎵😁

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So creative and fun

glad to hear you are feeling better

Yep, Thanks Jay!

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MOst welcome :)

Muchas gracias @artzone.curators 😇

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