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Hi guys, how are you?

Summer came and the Internet was gone, these last few days I have been absent because of my enemy number 1 "The Internet" XD. I hope you have not forgotten me! LOL...

The most recent work that I am going to show you is an experiment, first the way I did it, a few days ago I received a notification from one of the artists that I follow in #Youtube that was about a drawing technique.

I wanted to experiment and decided to do it to learn something new, only in the end it occurred to me to do something else...


I made the sketch of what I wanted, I tried to have a not so thick line (A little difficult for my lol), I made the guide lines where my lines would go.


I started shading my drawing little by little, I know, my lines stink hehehehe.


Here I already had a large part of the drawing made with the technique that they said in the video, for more darkness more quantity and pasted, for more clarity little quantity and more dispersed, always in the same direction.



The hair was the last thing I did to have the drawing ready, at this time I did not make the lines in the direction that "they should go" because I did not know how to do it, so I did it with another brush and to give it a different touch I drew the rose and other things in parts and save the process and then make a gif.




Wacom Bamboo Tablet


Grateful to all of you for seeing and supporting my new work, I would be very happy if you leave me in the comments your opinions and criticisms regarding this style or my work. His criticisms help me to grow and encourage me to work harder to improve my art.


See you soon dear community, thank you for viewing and supporting my publications. 😜


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Not sure how you did the darkened image with the magenta light. That is my favorite frame. I just want to study that one, and know how you altered the image to make it. The color magnifies the the delicate lines in the hair in such a wonderful way.

I will have to do something similar and place the gif process "I promise XD" what happens is that it was only an invention since I saw the drawing very simple for my taste and that's why I made the gif... but, not knowing much on the subject and having many images I decided to skip that part so as not to place all those images in the publication.

Thank you for watching my work and for supporting it. ;)

This is maaad! Wonderful strokes and beautiful lines.

Hi Max, I wanted to do something your way but it didn't work out as well as I wanted, so in the end I invented the gif. ;)

Omg que me partan un rayo con un camión encima que explote en mis ojos. Esto es la ostia, con gif y todo wow. Señorita, un día me dará un infarto por las maravillas que usted hace en serio.

hahahahaha si eres exagerado... pero gracias por siempre alegrarme la vida con tus ocurrencias. ;)

¡Hola Carmen! Tu trabajo me gustó mucho, se ve muy bonito. El color magenta le quedó perfecto. Aunque hay algo que me habría gustado ver del proceso, y es que estoy de acuerdo con @creativetruth en que habría sido más entretenido ver cómo hiciste los efecto de luces. Aunque por supuesto esto es solo una sugerencia de alguien del público. ¡Nos vemos! ^^

Hola @elieserurabno, gracias por apoyar mi trabajo, la verdad no coloque esa parte porque eran muchas imágenes para que pudiera quedar ese efecto y para no aburrirlos con tantas imágenes no las coloque... quizás se pueda hacer mejor y sin tanta imágenes pero no soy muy experta con los gif o animaciones. ;)

Nos vemos!!! <3 < 3 <3

Que bella, pude apreciar la.magia me encantó 😍😍

Hola amor como estas?... muchas gracias por verlo y por apoyarme. ;)

Yo horita estoy bien con hambre jaja saludos amiga hermosa 😍

Great idea Carmen, it is very beautiful and unique:)

Thank you very much, my love, I'm glad you liked my job. ;)


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