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Digital art made by @xpilar

Make a good story out of my digital picture and be creative

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I am grateful for a comment about my Digital art

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¿Dónde estoy?, dijo el caballito de mar
estoy perdido, ¿por qué estoy aquí?
me asomo, y veo una tarde crepuscular
esperaré que el mar arrastre sus olas hasta este lugar
y me lleve de nuevo a sus aguas
porque es allí mi hábitat, es allí donde debo estar
¡Pronto, pronto!, vengan olas, para deslizarme hasta allí.
no soporto un minuto más fuera de las aguas del océano.
aunque sé que la degradación y destrucción de mi hábitat cada día se acelera.
¡Qué lástima!
y tal vez el aumento del nivel de las aguas me arrastraron hasta aquí...

thank you @brismar for your great story


Awesome picture

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thank you @csharma

Your digital picture looks like a mountain on the edge of the sea. according to my description of your digital image, this shows that the mountain is the best place to see all the natural scenery around. because the mountain is a high place, all the views below can be seen.

yes, it is very difficult to be able to climb a mountain. because there are gaps left and right lane. but when it reaches the top, fatigue disappears. because you can see the beauty of nature that is extraordinary. this is just my description of the digital image that you display.

thank you @aulia1993 for your description

Beautiful digital artwork. Will give it a shot

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Nice to hear, thanks @fredkese

Beautiful images as usual... i like :)

thank you @sniper555

Welcome :)

There is nothing comparable to drawing a digital picture, which is not to say that it's a beautiful drawing

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Stones in my way.

I was walking barefoot on the cusp of the mountain, I wanted to see the immensity of the sea

This road full of stones and weeds showed me how fragile I am before the creation of God

The steep road showed me that if I'm not attentive to every step, I can fall

I can deprive my eyes of seeing the fascinating creations of God

Stones on the road, that hurt my feet, my heart and my soul, that if I don't hold on to my faith I can get lost on the road

There are several stones in my path, with some I have stumbled upon others I have helped myself

The truth is that every stone that I find in my pilgrimage strengthens me

God fills my life with strength, fills my path of stone, so that when I reach the cusp I can see its magnificence.

thank you @anasuleidy
for your great description / poems from my digital image

Interesting topic

Nice to hear, thanks

His exquisite daily art, full of details, inspired by the reality of Mother Nature, Mr. @xplar.

Hill below colourful sky

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thanks for the description @golden.future

What is/are the reward(s)?

Hi @afolwalex

The correct thing is to say that I reward with an upvote on those who create a story for my digital image and post it on their own blog page
And that's why I also ask for a link to it

Floating Island in Lake Titicaca

thanks for the description @marcusantoniu26

Amazingly beautiful picture. I would like to find myself there on the seashore, where the water quietly and pleasantly rustles and the wind sings along with it in unison.

thanks for the description @magnata

beautiful view

Your picture is awesome as usual,
I'll try to to write a story and post it on my own

Nice to hear, thanks @ir3k

*great work ♥️ *

A very close view of a rustic natural area. Great job!

A very close view
Of a rustic natural
Area. Great job!

                 - elider11

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Beautiful scenery in the mountains during the day.

thanks for the description @elianaelisma

His work is great, it reminds me of the viewpoint of the beach that is in my state, his art is a very real view of nature.

thanks for the description @teresah

so nice to see digital art always when they are incredible just like these

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, Sit On The Rock And Watch It. Stay blessed.

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A day of adventure I set out to have on my sailboat, that day everything seemed suitable to undertake a journey by the sea, a clear sun glimpsed the horizon and so I dared to enter the open sea, a moment later, a tide surprises me and hits the sailboat, taking me out of it and leaving me in the shipwreck, I took a board that came off the sailboat and sailed to a small island.

There I was a week surviving, I only ate some fish that was trapped between the stones and also ate the vegetation of the place, a grass called Kutki which had a bitter taste but was good for my body, this grass helps to fight bacteria in my body, everything was water, sun, stones, fish and kutki until a small boat sailed near the place, perceiving their presence, I began to throw the stones of the place until one of them managed to attract the attention of those who were crew the boat.

The rescue arrived and that's why I could be here telling what had happened since that day of adventure.


Un dia de aventura me dispuse a tener sobre mi velero, aquel dia todo parecía idonéo para emprender un viaje por el mar, un sol despejado vislumbraba el horizonte y por eso me atreví a entrar a mar abierto, un momento despues, una marea me sorprende y golpea al velero, sacundiendome fuera de él y dejandome en el naufragio, tomé una tabla que se desprendió del velero y navegue hasta una pequeña isla.

Allí estuve una semana sobreviviendo, solo comía algún pez que se quedara atrapado entre las piedras y tambien comía de la vegetación del lugar, una hierba llamada Kutki la cual tenía un sabor amargo pero era buena para mi organismo, esta hierba ayuda a combartir las bacterias en mi cuerpo, todo era agua, sol, piedras, pescado y kutki hasta que una embarcación pequeña tipo lancha navegaba cerca del lugar, al percibir su presencia, comencé a lanzar las piedras del lugar hasta que una de ellas logró llamar la atención de quienes iban tripulando la embarcación.

El rescate llegó y por eso pude estar aquí contando lo sucedido desde aquel dia de aventura.

thank you @jadnven
for your great description / story from my digital image

Those who choose to write a story and publish it on their own
blog page is rewarded by an upvote for it when I see a link to that post

Aswame scean... with great work

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It is beautiful.


Hey @xpilar, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

very nice imagination great work my dear friend

The magnificent island

When the days are getting shorter, the colds are coming and the sun is not shining as brightly as in the summer, we go to this magnificent island.

We swim so much in crystal clear water, bask in the sun, and a variety of bizarre vegetation pleases our eyes.

How children love to play on the side of the mountain!
They find and show each other new unusual plants with bizarrely curved leaves.
I know that some of them are edible and even medicinal, but I have not yet studied their properties and which of these plants is the most useful...

In the evenings, we sit on stones heated during the day by the sun, and compose funny stories.
From this incredible fresh air, hot stones and splashing waves, our imagination works at full power!
And we believe that among these stones there is a magic stone that fulfills desires.
It remains only to find which one)

So there are many discoveries ahead!

thank you @ir3k
for your great description / story about my digital image

An unforgettable day.

There was a couple of young people in love who lived the greatest love in this world, but they were not totally happy, because she suffered a terrible disease, for which she could not receive the sun directly.
Her degenerative disease damaged her body and her health, but the worst damage was the emotional that she and all the beings who loved her lived, her illness was getting worse and the suffering was more evident.
Already at the end of the days of the young girl in love were evident, her body was so fragile and white that it was no secret to anyone that she would soon leave a physical void between her loved ones.
That is why the boyfriend with the approval of the family decided that on the first day of spring the couple would live a date in the middle of nature. He knew it was risky but she deserved to live everything beautiful in love.
The young man planned a great day, in his car he took his girlfriend to a park, they had breakfast among nature, they talked, they laughed, they took pictures, they kissed, they enjoyed their love to the fullest, she was so happy, she had a long time without being between nature and living such a beautiful day with her boyfriend made her so happy.
Before leaving, the young man took his girlfriend in his arms, carried her and carried her to the river, they sat on some stones that were on the shore.


And there among nature, bathed in sunlight, the young man asked her to marry, when she accepted the family of both young people they went out to congratulate them.
That was the happiest day of the girl, an unforgettable day.

thank you @jdbs
for your great description / story about my digital image

Rare and interesting design, which makes the imagination work to visualize a semi-aquatic island not very heavenly, I have a doubt about the type of tools you use for the creation of your designs and creations, could you know?

Nice that you like it, thanks @wilmer1988

i use e-on software vue infinite 5

Great capture 💕.

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thank you @mattsanthonyit