The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 27)

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Time for a contest again, where you are the author

Digital art made by @xpilar

Be creative, Make a good story out of my digital picture

You join easily,
you post your story with my picture on your blog.
yes your blog
and you also post the story in the comment box here on my blog
and with a link to your post

Those who choose to write a story and publish it on their own
blog page gets rewarded by me with an upvote for it on your site

Hav og fjell 8 A.jpg

See the picture better CLIK HERE, view full size

Here you see a bit when I create the image in the 3D programbefore I put on effects and colors
e-on 4.png

e-on 4 A.png

I am grateful for a comment about my Digital art

If you want to write a story,
it mus be related to my picture
Be creative when creating the story

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Lago con superficie rocosa y musgos, -caprichosa faceta de la naturaleza en el ambiente-.Tal diseño elevó mi imaginación hacia ambientes reales, que aunque parezcan inhóspitos la vida vibra en sus profundidades.

thanks for great description @brismar

Again, lovely work -- will put a story later on!

it's nice to hear, thanks @deeanndmathews

And here's my story: The Stone Garden of Moss

thanks for the great story @deeanndmathews

Amazing Rock Land...

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Fantastic job

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Well, I am still trying to phantom what exactly it is.

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Hi @xpilar

I remember that your content used to be downvoted lately few times. Happy to see that it's no longer happening.

Upvote on the way :)

yes @crypto.piotr, it's not that often now

thanks for great description @teresah

this must have taken a very long time making this incredible

thank you @blazing

i used approx. 6 hours

This must have taken
A very long time making
This incredible

                 - blazing

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

a very inspired picture with a lot of very high imagination,

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as New Born Green Rocks. Stay blessed.

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Fulfill my dream of flight.

At the top of the hill I impulse myself to take flight

Among the clouds of cotton I enjoy my dream

The breeze whispers in my ear that I'm achieving what I want

From the top I can see the roads on the plain that I love so much

I love to feel in my wings the breeze that drives my flight

Look at the horizon and contemplate a sea of ​​possibilities to continue building my dream

I am looking in the sky for a superior force to continue my flight

I don't want to lose my strength and have to descend to the cold ground

Because I'd rather die than lose my way in heaven.

thanks for great description / poems @anasuleidy

Wonderful island...great work...have a nice day

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knowing the earth

On a normal hot day, a group of young Martians will take a ship and advance through the galaxy, had so much fun that they agreed to do that every day.
And indeed from that day, they went out to explore the daily galaxies, each day was unique, new things and places to see.
Little by little they were taking more confidence, with each trip their desires for exploration and knowledge were growing more and more.
Little by little they approached the earth, the adrenaline went up with each trip, We all know that humans are aggressive beings just as approaching the earth was something exciting.
One day the Martians were determined to know the earth, they wanted to know the oxygen, they would feel they had that of the air, get so close that


They could see the sea up close, its beautiful blue color with bright glowing, known to see mountains, roads, dense vegetation and puddles of water that later found out were rivers.
But they swore never came back to earth, because they had to breathe the air and they didn't like it, I was so polluted that I thought they would die, they were impressed as humans being so small that they breathed equivalent and still live.

Enjoying the experience but decided not to return to earth.

thanks for the great story @jdbs