VIDEO: "Une Façade à Troyes (Détail)" - A Gouache Painting

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"Une Façade à Troyes (Détail)"
Gouache on paper
40 x 30 cm (15 ¾" x 11 ⅞")

You can follow the development of this painting by watching the short video. For those in a hurry photos of the individual steps are attached below.

Ihr könnt euch die Entwicklung dieses Bildes in dem kurzen Video ansehen. Für ganz Eilige sind unten Fotos der einzelnen Schritte angehängt.

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Whoa! This is my favourite of your paintings so far. Its so realistic looking. I also a have a thing for lantern lights and half timber homes.
Very good work

Thank you. Little be little I'm getting a fix on how to control the light in a scene; that adds realism.

have a thing for ... half timber homes

Since you're an immigrant :-) I have a language tidbit for you: In Troyes they call it mostly "pans de bois" like in Brittany (!) and not "colombages" although the terms are pretty much interchangeable.

You've been to Rouen; now it's time to come to Alsace for more half timber :-)

Maison des Tanneurs / Quartier Petite France / Strasbourg:

Thanks for the language tip. Good to know. We went to Strasbourg last year in December for the christmas market and absolutely loved it. We didnt spend enough time there (only one day). We plan to tour the Alsace in the near future. Its definitely on oir list. We may go back to Strasbourg and area for the christmas markets again as well.