VIDEO: "R4" - A Mixed Media Painting

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mixed media on paper
40 x 30 cm (15 ¾" x 11 ⅞")

You can follow the development of this painting by watching the short morphing video. For those in a hurry photos of the individual steps are attached below.

Ihr könnt euch die Entwicklung dieses Bildes in dem kurzen Morphing-Video ansehen. Für ganz Eilige sind unten Fotos der einzelnen Schritte angehängt.


[ watch this video on ]

Thanks for looking, and please don't forget to upvote and reblog if you liked my art. Until next time!

Danke fürs Anschauen, und vergesst bitte nicht das Upvoten und Rebloggen, wenn euch mein Beitrag gefallen hat. Bis zum nächsten Mal!











Nice one as usual. You did a good job with the lighting. The chrome of the bumper, grill and wheels really shines. I dont think that would be easy to do so great work

Thank you. Mostly it's confusing, even with a reference photo.

!discovery 30

I want Bill.

Me too. It was a cheap and eminently practical car.

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Nice car!