VIDEO: "Elba Silhouette" - A Mixed Media Painting

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"Elba Silhouette"
watercolor / gouache on paper
40 x 30 cm (15 ¾" x 11 ⅞")

Elba is an island in the Tuscan Archipelago of Italy. The last ferry to the mainland usually leaves in the early evening hours. Passsengers are thus treated to a spectacular sunset behind the island, which inspired this painting.

You can follow the development of my painting by watching the short morphing video. For those in a hurry photos of the individual steps are attached below.

Die Insel Elba liegt im Toskanischen Archipel vor der Küste Italiens. Die letzte Fähre zum Festland geht gewöhnlich in den frühen Abendstunden. Dabei erleben die Passagiere einen spektakulären Sonnenuntergang hinter der Insel, welcher die Inspiration für dieses Bild war.

Ihr könnt euch die Entwicklung meines Bildes in dem kurzen Morphing-Video ansehen. Für ganz Eilige sind unten Fotos der einzelnen Schritte angehängt.

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Anch'io! A volte mi sembra come un occhiata di paradiso, un piccolo assaggio di ciò che verrà.

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Nice one. I like the silhouette. Seeing the real thing (sunset) in person must be quite a site. I bet its spectacular.

Really nice artwork! I like the ripples in the water. One thing you could try is using a little more watery mix of paint, or apply a small amount of water directly on the paper (but use the brush more dry, drying it a little after loading it with your color mix).

Thanks. The bottom portion is gouache so making it watery would look pretty blotchy :-) I need to level my table for wet-in-wet work; the paint is running off to the left.

Yes, sorry I wasn't precise, I meant the sky hahaha. I've always worked on a flat table while using watercolor because I like to work wet on wet sometimes.

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