"A New Flag For Germany" - A Gouache Painting

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"A New Flag For Germany"
gouache on paper
30 x 40 cm (11 ⅞" x 15 ¾")

I'm a proud German – and it took a worldwide pandemic for me to find out what my fellow countrymen value most in life: For the longest time the toilet paper shelves in German supermarkets were empty, because people were panic buying toilet paper like it was going out of style!

Ich bin stolzer Deutscher – und es bedurfte einer weltweiten Pandemie, um herauszufinden, was meine Landsleute im Leben am meisten schätzen: Tagelang waren die Toilettenpapierregale in den Supermärkten leer, weil die Leute Toilettenpapier hamsterten, als ob es morgen schon verboten würde!



After I got rid of the whiplash from violently shaking my head in disbelief – after dutifully stocking up on the desirable tissue, of course – it occured to me, that I might use my newfound painterly talent in a meaningful way: To honor my country and the item it so deeply cherishes, I redesigned the German flag!

Nachdem das Schleudertrauma von dem vielen ungläubigen Kopfschütteln endlich abgeklungen war – natürlich nachdem ich mich pflichtschuldigst mit ausreichend Klopapier eingedeckt hatte – kam mir der Gedanke, dass ich mein neu entdecktes malerisches Talent sinnvoll einsetzen könnte: Zu Ehren meines Landes und des einen Gutes, das es so heiß und innig liebt, habe ich unsere deutsche Flagge neu gestaltet!



I feel we should keep the traditional colors as a sign of continuity, but replace the gold bar with a golden roll of tissue! What do you think? Isn't that a fine idea to boost moral in these terrible times? An antidote for German Angst on a roll! What a powerful symbol for the times we live in: one guy sneezes, and fifty others shit their pants...

BTW, the toilet roll is painted with actual gold metallic gouache I mixed special for this project, but it doesn't show in the photo. What a bummer!

Ich finde, wir sollten die traditionellen Farben aus Gründen der Kontinuität beibehalten, aber den goldenen Streifen durch eine goldene Klopapierrolle ersetzen! Was meint ihr? Ist das nicht eine gute Idee zur Hebung der Moral in diesen schlimmen Zeiten? Ein gleichsam aufgerolltes Gegenmittel für die deutsche Angst! Was für ein mächtiges Symbol unserer Zeit: Einer niest und 50 andere scheißen sich die Hosen voll...

Übrigens, die Klopapierrolle ist mit echter gold-metallic Gouache ausgeführt, die ich extra für dieses Projekt angemischt habe, aber im Foto kommt das nicht so rüber. Echt ärgerlich!



I dedicate this painting to Andy Warhol, who established a firm relationship between artistic expression and a can of soup in the minds of art lovers the world over. As he did with Campbell's, I feel empowered to do to Charmin. Thanks Andy!

All joking aside, this f.cking disease is serious and thousands of people have died. Keep your distance from each other and stay healthy! Thanks for looking, and please don't forget to upvote and reblog if you liked my art. Until next time!

Mein besonderer Dank gilt Andy Warhol, der die Beziehung zwischen künstlerischem Ausdruck und einer Dose Suppe fest in den Köpfen von Kunstliebhabern in der ganzen Welt verankerte. So wie er es mit Campbell's Suppe machte, so fühle ich mich bestärkt darin, Hakle zu verwursten. Danke Andy!

Spass beiseite,diese Scheisskrankheit  ist verdammt ernst und Menschen sind gestorben. Bleibt auf Abstand voneinander und bleibt gesund! Danke fürs Anschauen, und vergesst bitte nicht das Upvoten und Rebloggen, wenn euch mein Beitrag gefallen hat. Bis zum nächsten Mal!


Sehr schön! Was mir bereits vergessen scheint, ist, dass wir Menschen auch vor dem gegenwärigen Phänomen bereits nicht unsterblich waren. Lässt mich jedoch erinnern an Alphaville. Musik zum Bild. Eine neue Hymne? #ausreinergewohnheit !BEER !COFFEEA !invest_vote @tipu curate

Very nice! What seems to me already forgotten is that we humans were not immortal even before the present phenomenon. But it reminds me of Alphaville. Music to the picture. A new anthem?

(This is on Hive, cross commenting on Steem.)

Danke. Hoffen wir, dass die Unsterblichkeit bei allen noch eine Weile anhält.

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Ha nice one. Hilarious. Its a good symbol

Yeah. We're a technologically advanced nation that has forgotten one can wash one's asshole with a rag quite comfortably, especially while there is still clean water coming out of the tap. It's unbelievably sad, but I've chosen to laugh it off instead. Cora in Forbach / France wasn't any better, though. Perhaps I do blue, white and red next week and add a French translation ;-)

Haha yeah you could probably do one for each country on earth if you had the time and ambition. Its the same everywhere unfortunately. We've been lucky so far in that our grocery store has been fully stocked everytime we went except for the day after they first announced the quarantine. But i think its because we are in a small town so there are not as many people competing for resources. That and everyone recognizes each other lol.

The stores in France work somewhat different, as most carry a full complement of goods across the spectrum of multiple brands. This is similar to the U.S. and very convenient. Which is why I shop CORA quite frequently.

In Germany, discount stores like Aldi and Lidl are controlling the bulk of the market. As a result, prices are significantly lower sometimes, but you have to shop multiple stores if you're after certain brands. It also puts price pressure on the stores that carry broader assortments of goods. The result is extreme cost-cutting, among other things with just-in-time ordering. This affects TP, which is a slow-turning article that's usually stocked only once weekly.

You have Aldi and Lidl in Senlis. Although the French variants are somewhat adapted to local customs, you'll see the difference to Intermarché or Carrefour. Check it out sometime!

The German Albrecht brothers invented this limited-selection-fast-turning-low-price crap (Aldi = AL-brecht DI-scount) when I was a little boy. Now they're taking over the world, and soon enough one-stop shopping will be history. Bummer.

I see. Interesting. Ive been to the Aldi a few times but usually just go to the intermarche or market in chamant for convenience. Now I know how those stores work though. Thanks

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you were as brilliant as the good Andy, he would be proud of you, and also the Scottex paper factory (toilet) You are too nice.

Thanks :-) Now you made me laugh.