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RE: 🚪 Turning Trash into a Time Machine ♻️ Building Guerrilla Art in the Park

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You know that is really cool... and kudos to @isnogud for the assistance. Did I mention mad Photoshop skills? Also... you know that @old-guy-photos has a #trashthursday challenge aye? This would have been WONDERFUL for that I believe... Check out this post here to see if this would fit in?

This portal is already broken, damn teens, but you could just build your own! I've hidden the blueprints over on Planet Googly. And if you're quick, posting a copy of them in the comments will probably earn you some SBIs, too.

Darn kids!! Only thing missing is the TARDIS and you are set... oh yes... don't forget to bring a towel...


@isnogud is the best ;)

thanks for the appraisal, I'll check out that @old-guy-photos' #trashthursday thing... what a great tag and it sounds like the right thing to post a few more @snaepshots every now and then!

I always bring a towel!