Spider Coccoon

in #artlast year (edited)

There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


Welcome back,Happy new year steemit needs the touch of @veryspider
nice art

Mi Vote And Reesteem

veryspider final.gif

Happy New Year :D

Thank you~

Miss your drawing...

hahah im still drawing :D

hope lailai is enjoying end of year 2019 nicely! :D

Wishing you the same my dear! Hope you will start your happy holidays soon!

Hey spidey, miss you and your drawings in Steemland! Hope you're having some good holidays and don't have to work too much. I started a community for the art peeps of Steem, hope you'll check it out when you get a chance :)

Hey! Happy New Year :)

I had some holidays but not a big one, cuz work's down on a few people atm. Will try to get more in Jan/Feb hopefully.

Hope you're doing well, too :)

Been a long time! I'm glad you are back to show us your sweet woorks.

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yes, it has :)

im bored at work today aaaah

hope you are enjoying the final week of 2019 !

Welcome back,Happy new year I Advance

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I keep thinking that the animals waving bye needs to be done in red colour since there are so many bush fires lately... but that might take away from the cuteness of the pic xD.

I really like your jelly fish collection, they're so inspired and uber pretty <3.

#AustraliaIsBurning > __ <

And apparently the fires are not wanting to be waved goodbye to, either > __ < Still burning in 2020! OH NO D:

Thank you for kind comments, scrawlz <3 Imma try to get friends to colour 'em, maybe... HUHUHU

SPODEY I miss your posts!

and am grateful for getting to still talk to you on discord 😋

I remember the jellyfish series, it was magical.

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise new pic is a new year sketchy 😅 I’d love to Blake Christmas festivities but I didn’t even drink, can we say is lack of sleep? 🤣

Hope to see more posties if you have time and damn I hope you get a break from work soon.

FYN!!! <3 I was bored at work so I made a posty XD (though we still talky at Discord XD;;;;;)

I hope fyn got some good quality sleep now? Sleep is important! Spoder can't function without enough sleep~

I did get a lil break from work, but I need MORE gosh im burning outttttt

Take holidays! Long service leave! Have a quarter life crisis and travel! Get a side hustle you love and eventually make it your main hustle! I donno don't take my advice I give bad ones XD

I'm very bad at sleeping but I'm working on it x_x

Nice to see you're back 🤗❤
Enjoyed your painting, and the whole series is especially lovely. And great idea for last sketch - watching a sunrise and looking forward to a new year to begin...
Happy holidays, my dear friend!

Hello! <3 Happy New Year to you !

It's nice to see you visit ! Thank you so much <3 !!!

How great you're back ))
Happy New Year and all the best from all my heart ❤🎄

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markers are fun! Your new drawing was pretty much my day today, I made it to the Pacific coast in the late afternoon and watched the sun set out over the water with my boys and pointed way out there across the sunset waterpath to Japan and Australia did you notice me pointing at you :)

Yesh, markers are very fun :D Harder to control than I thought, because the colours change as they dry, but still, very fun :D

That's a gorgeous sunset omg * ___ *

I didn't notice you pointing at me :( Maybe I was looking at the other way, please say hi to your minialiens for me, though <33333

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Good to see you again! Missed you. Happy 2020 as well.

I always did like you jellies. Very unique and very cool. :-)

Happy 2020! Thank you for visiting and it's always nice to see an old friend saying hi <3333333


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I thought I saw a certain spider on my feed... :D

im still at work on 27 Dec 2019 fml

I feel you. I did that in 2018...

and here i was trying to be stealthy about it...

Happy 2020, Gibic ! :D

Good to see you my dearest friend and to look at your exquisite collection. It is so dreamy and romantic. The holidays have been treating me well with multiple parties to go to and it’s not over. Happy New year and a big hug to you and your loved ones!

Hello, hello <3 I'm glad to hear that the holidays have been treating you well <3 Parties are great fun! Happy 2020 to you, and wishing you a great year ahead <333333333

My heart goes out to you, hope you are safe, fires be blazin'

Well, y'know, if you're going to make a post after a long time away, posting some fantastic artwork is a great way to go about it! Welcome back! And Happy Holidays. :)

Happy Holidays! :D

Thank you for visiting and comments <3 So kind!

Spideeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hugs

Whatever spidey decides to make next I'm sure I'll love it lots ❤❤❤ Happy holidays and hope you have an amazing 2020!

Thilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hugs

Hope fever is betterer now and Thilah's home already? hugshugshugs

Wishing Thilah an amazing year ahead <33333333

hugs hugs hugs Yeah, I'm back home now! And ahhh thank you you sweet spider❤❤❤

Beautiful compilation reesteem this post, <3

Thank you very much :)

amazing works !! Happy new year!

Thank you! Happy 2020 !!!

Merry Christmas, veryspider! Wonderful work! I like your style pretty much!

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Merry (late) Christmas! And Happy New Year to you also <3

Thank you for visiting and kind words, as well * ___ *




Nice to see ya around again. X3 And pretty nice sketches!

Hahah, thanks! I'll try to pop by from time to time, for sure : )

Hehe Well, that'll be good to see. X3 Hope to see another post from ya soon.

So happy to see you posting again my friend. Your art makes me happy to look at and makes me sad when I can't look at it. Lol so... Do more art... Post more art!

Hello <3 I am glad to hear that my art makes you happy ! Such a nice thing to say <33333

I'll try to pop by from time to time <3

Always, ALWAYS nice to see you, @jacuzzi <3 !!!

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How could I miss your post, Spidey. Probably the New Year's fever should be the reason. So better late than ever, best wishes for the New Year!
Underwater super series - I remember it almost from the beginning. Dingo kangaroos waving the setting sun and the declining year are very nice and warming. I almost shed a tear.


ohai, pirate friendo! :D best wishes for 2020 to you and yours, too <3 !!!

and yesh, better late than never <3 always good to hear from you * ___ * !!!

Hello ExtremelySpider. Y U No Post? U mad???





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Hola @veryspider, just wanted to mention that i understand why you removed all your drawings, they are yours and I feel ya. But still wanted to say that I do miss them with all the little stories with it. Anyways, if you ever open a gallery somewhere or a website, let me know (or maybe you could try to sell one on ebay!)😁 . Take care if you ever log back and see that post

Hey yo~
I just dont have a lot of confidence in whatever's going on right now with Steemit. But I'm doing well elsewhere, anyway, so thank you for the well wishes :D

Hope you are doing well, too! Always nice to see you around <3

😁 Thanks and Its good to know!