Spider Coccoon

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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


I like the hands that you made, there is a feeling of softness and romance shown by how they interact with each other. The drawing looks like it symbolises marriage? Pretty sweet art, spideroo.

Good luck with the Inktober!!

Thanks, scrawlz <3 I love doings hands now... I used to hate them XD


Yes!!! So glad to see you’re doing it.
I just started today (late 😂) and in the process of posting my queue.

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Inktober! This is brand new to me. I apparently need to do some more curating. :) I'll see if I can jump into the festivities tomorrow!

YESH! #inktober is a huge event across online social media ! :D JUMP IN~ JUMP IN~~~~


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Thank you, @helpie and @scrawly <3333333333

The ring is just on an angle ;D Aaaahhh you draw hands so nicely, I can't draw hands that nice and I use bases lol XD

That's pretty cool of you to add incentive spodey :)

I'm still not doing it though XD


that's it. an angle!!!! XD thanks for the save, fyn <3 !!!!

Inktober is finally here!
Did you know that I never use that list lol. Sounds interesting to have a theme for every piece, but I can't be bothered.

First year I did inktober, I just did my own rando prompts XD Second year (last year) I did a mix.... this year I will probably do the same.... Some of the days have just... BLAH prompts, so it is likely that I'll be deviating from a few :3

It's super nice to see you inktobering this year, Halzie :D :D :D !!!!!!

That's a great way to begin Inktober this year! Love the artwork, spidey!

Also, thank you for featuring me on the list!! Happy Inktober to you and everyone around here!

Hi Mike! :D So nice seeing you posting again :) Sorry I havent come around with commenting like before. I burned myself out cuz I was doing the unrealistic expectations of having to comment on all of my friends' posts every day (I was doing like 50 comments per day) and since all of my comments were not a one-liner, it took a toll on me

I passed 25,000 comments then I crashed

I'll pick up visiting and commenting again once I recharge my system :)

I love your blog, your contents, your arts, your photography, the way you write, your animation project, everything EVERYTHING so keep up being awesome <3 ! Although I do not comment anymore (for now) I still pay attention and leave upvotes and do my curation rounds :)

Don't worry about it! I am very glad to know that my posts are spreading some happiness around! Take your time and recover your batteries. The most important thing is to do what you enjoy without feeling down.

I had to take this 2 month break from posting because I was feeling the pressure keeping me from doing anything creative and the reason I started doing this is because I love drawing, so I reminded myself this when Inktober was around the corner :)

Keep drawing what you love because that's where you shine!

Inktober again already? Looking forward to seeing your art pop up in my daily feed this month then! xx

Hahah, I hope I'll be able to conquer Inktober this year too :) Thank you for the support!

Great way to incorporate the ring Spider. Lovely connection happening. A delicate touch. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thanks very much, Ally! A very lovely comment <3 !!!

Spider, you have inspired me so much and so often. Ink just isn't my 'thing' ~ But right now I'm not sure what my 'thing' is anymore.

So today, I bought 4 Staedtler pens and a Mixed Media Paper pad. Loved testing them out in the store. Can't wait to join you in #Inktober now. Not sure when ~ Hopefully, Saturday/Sunday. Better late than never hey? ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Daaamn it's inktober already @_@
How time flies.... nice hands, I'm lately having trouble with drawing hands... like I forgot how to draw 0_0

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@longer !!!!!!!!!! are you not joining in this year?????????? :(

I was super looking forward to your pieces, too!!!! aaaaaaaah

how can YOU forget how to draw?

and even if you do

you know the cure!



Yes yes, I will try to draw regularly... we'll see how it works out ;)

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Oh my gosh, you are the coolest, your hatching is fantabular, so glad to see you embrace your hand drawing skills. Together, let's put the Tober in Inktober.

Also, I saw a Youtube suggestion where Shibasaki sensei says he wants to quit making tutorials but I didn't have time to watch it. Now I'm nervous!

Shibasaki-sensei is a bit discouraged that his Beginners series is not particularly well watched compared to his more advanced videos.... He has also been a bit unwell, lately :(

We're aiming to get his subscription counts to break half a million by the end of the year so if you haven't added him to your watch list, please do so :D Every subscriber counts!

And thank you! I hope to see you jumping in the #inktober 2019 train at Steemit :D :D :D

Great! I will be keeping an eye. I cannot draw as a lack of co-ordination (ambidextrous), but I know that you can my friend and it's always a pleasure to watch your skills.

Thanks for all your support, as always, @papilloncharity :)

That's what friends are for!

Yay so excited that inktober is back again! im on! and i love you wonky ring!

One ring to rule them all! Mwahhhhhh

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Oh, there is Inktober already! Need to draw something in black and white!! Wooosh!

Yay! Inktober again... Will be seeing a lot more artists work from now on!