Sketches inspired by viral images

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The world is becoming more and more surreal; so as a surrealist I am becoming more and more inspired by current events versus my own inner life. These images were created back in the summer when I was hanging in my father's basement. The first image shown was based on a teenager who was left over forty tv's on front porches while wearing one on his head. The eyes represent the reflection on society that he delivered.

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This second image I have shared before; but I believe this is a better scan. It was based on the story of a young boy showing his puppy youtube videos. I imagined in the background all the horrors surrounding such innocence.

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I am inspired to do more such images in the future; certainly during these times when the horrors are piling up.


Great job. Very abstract.

I love these! Almost look like chalk on black paper. Excellent colors. Really moody.

Great interpretations! I had forgotten about the guys with TVs on their heads! You should also think about the clowns who stared at the front doors, there might be something interesting to do about that hahaha.

I am just landing here on Hive, and I was too long away from Steem. Overlooked this, but now I have you back in my lists. Really great drawings! I have posted my recent surreal drawings in the Alien Art Hive community. Maybe you should too? It seems that that is the new way.