New Online VR Exhibition "Road Through Life"

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Since I will not be showing my art anywhere in a while; it is a good time to have a new virtual exhibition of my work. My new exhibition is titled "Road Through Life" About the ups and the downs of ones path in life. I had previous spoken of this series in another blog post

I created the exhibition on artsteps a free and easy to use VR platform for showcasing your work. You can view a previous exhibition I created over a year ago here

Most of the work is older; some were created working as a personal care attendant in rural Massachusetts.

Others were created while working as a CNA in Portland Maine.

A few were created or finished in the last five years living in Los Angeles; but they were begun in Maine on photo books I bought at the dollar store.

tea 3.jpg

chair 2.jpg

Sometimes it is easier to remember how I started a piece if I can remember where I bought the paper; like this piece where the paper was bough at "Artist and Craftsman Supply" in Maine not long after I first moved there.

I personally challenge other artists to create or share their own online exhibitions; it is a good time to be virtual when people everywhere are desperate for content.


This is really cool! I'm ashamed to say that I've never tried VR in my life, not even with the cardboard box for your mobile. But even just using mouse and keyboard, your exhibition looks fantastic and it's fun to explore!

I remember back in the day when Encarta was a thing and they had this virtual tours for museums and other fantastic places, I loved them. This made me remember that.

Thank you for sharing!

It shouldn't be something to be ashamed of; it is just fun. If you have a phone with 3D capability cardboard glasses are cheap but I don't know how interesting they are because I keep buying kinds that do not work.

Hi Dania - when I followed your link on Facebook, I was not able to open the site - but now, following your link from here, it worked! Maybe I had too many windows open that day. Mind you, as it happens surfing, I also do now, but nevertheless, it worked! I might check this out and maybe do a gallery myself!

Thankyou! It was my older exhibition that I shared with you I believe. I look forward to seeing your work this way; it was my evil plan all along.